3 Best Services to See Scheduled Deliveries In Advance

Modern solutions for tracking parcels, mails, and other shipments allow users to be aware of each delivery stage. Major couriers offer free services with which you can monitor packages sent to you on convenient dashboards. We will tell you which companies offer this option and how to use it.

1. UPS

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UPS is one of the leaders in the express delivery of goods. It has one of the largest aircraft fleets and serves over 220 countries. To meet the needs of all users and ensure comfort, it has developed a unique online platform called My Choice. It is an easy-to-use calendar-style dashboard that displays all scheduled deliveries.

To use this type of UPS tracking, you need to create an account on the pkge.net company’s official website. You can log in through Facebook, Gmail, Apple, and other services, or enter your data manually:

  • Name
  • ID
  • Email
  • Full address
  • Phone number

Each client may use this service free of charge. With its help, you can not only track upcoming deliveries for a week or even a month but also redirect them to another address. Specify a different location or choose an Access Point convenient for you. If necessary, you can specify in more detail where exactly a courier should leave a parcel in the comments. Also, if you are a sender and your recipient refuses a package, you can quickly change the delivery direction. My Choice offers a flexible system of notification settings. You can choose the convenient way of receiving notes: by mail or in the form of text messages.

You also have the option to purchase a Premium subscription, which gives you even more features. By purchasing the paid version, you get rid of fees for changing the delivery address and redirecting parcels. Moreover, you get unlimited access to Access Point locations. You can also choose the date, time, and place where letters and boxes will be delivered.


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The US Postal Service is also considered one of the leaders in the delivery of goods. A few years ago, the company launched Informed Delivery, which allows you to manage upcoming shippings. When registering, you need to provide personal information, and if you wish, you can specify two email addresses to switch between them.

Unlike the UPS platform, this online dashboard has a slightly different format. In your account, you can see the weekdays, near which there are numbers indicating deliveries planned for this date. You can view information about letters for the next week and parcels for the next 15 days. Data about different types of shipping is shown separately. In your account, you can familiarize yourself with the details of a specific delivery and track its status.

Not so long ago, the USPS began scanning postcards and letters during their processing and sending pictures to recipients. This procedure is mandatory and is part of the postal employees’ workflow. They simply share the data they have with you. While they don’t do it with big parcels, it’s still very convenient. A photo of the front side is attached to a delivery card in a personal account, so you can quickly find out who exactly sent you the mail. All items larger than standard letters do not have such pictures.

This service sends notifications to users via email or text messages. So you will be aware of what letters will arrive today, and whether you should expect any large parcels. Also, you can be notified of status updates from incoming packages. You can quickly turn off these alerts by going to your account settings.

Unlike UPS, this platform is entirely free. You don’t need to sign up for a paid subscription to take advantage of extra features. With the help of Informed Delivery, it’s easy to monitor parcels, leave delivery instructions to couriers, and schedule redelivery if you still missed the arrival.

3. FedEx

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FedEx is another leader in the express delivery market that strives to provide maximum comfort for its customers. To monitor and manage parcels, they developed the Delivery Manager service. It can be used online in a browser or a branded app. To register, you will also need to indicate your personal data and residential address (or any other address where it is convenient for you to pick up packages).

Just like the previous two dashboards, it offers a convenient status system, tracking the deliveries planned for the coming days, viewing detailed information, and a comment block where you can leave instructions for couriers. However, it also has several unique features. For example, you can ask the delivery staff to temporarily hold your package if you do not have time to pick it up as scheduled. This service is free for two weeks; you will have to pay for the subsequent period. The shipping process will resume when you are ready.

If you don’t want to postpone the delivery, you can ask another person to pick up your package. To do it, your authorized person should show a unique QR code tied to a specific parcel. While it is a handy feature, keep in mind that it has limitations. In some cases, your signature may be required; then, you will have to come in person.

FedEx also offers a Premium subscription with more options. When you purchase it, you get the opportunity to set the most convenient delivery time for you, change the residential location, and postpone the scheduled event to another day. The company also provides various areas to drop your shipping: FedEx Offices, grocery stores, Walgreens, and more.

Within the Delivery Manager service, notifications are sent to users:

  • by email;
  • via text messages;
  • in the form of automatic phone calls.

The default notification service is email, but in your account settings, you can change the alert method.

Delivery Managing Made Easy

UPS, USPS, and FedEx are the three largest companies with operations in many world regions. We talked about their convenient parcel tracking services, but, of course, smaller or local couriers can also offer their counterparts. In any case, now you have a wide range of tools to stay up to date with incoming letters and packages. You can use one of the branded services or opt for all-in-one trackers, which unite hundreds of courier companies at once.