5 Ways Specialized Agencies Can Amplify Your Content Marketing Strategy

How have you experienced content marketing in the wild? It might be the advertisement you saw while scrolling social media. Maybe you got an email newsletter giving you helpful tips on a project. Or it could be the blog your co-worker sent you on recent trends in technology. All of these are part of content marketing.

By distributing relevant content to targeted audiences, specialized marketing agencies can help your business generate more leads. Specialized marketing agencies focus on specific forms of content creation and management.

They might focus on social media management, video and audio production, or market research. These agencies can amplify your current strategy and ensure marketing resources are put in the right places.

1. Agencies Can Help Naturally Position Your Content

Advertising can be a turn-off to consumers. But using relevant content in your advertising feels less like a sales pitch and more like a point of connection. An effective way to advertise your business in a non-invasive way is through native advertising. This is paid content designed to match other content on a particular site. By using ads that flow seamlessly with what consumers are already reading, native ads promote your product through relevant content.

Sponsored content and partner content are both terms used for native advertising. A native advertising agency that specializes in these ads can help strategize the right audience and channels to target. A promotional article with a similar look to other articles on a site is an example of native advertising. A sponsored video on YouTube that matches the design of a video you’re already watching is another example. Native ads are more natural and less disruptive than traditional advertising can often be.

Source: adherecreative.com

2. Agencies Can Help Distribute Your Content As Video/Audio

With video content distribution, it’s natural to automatically think about YouTube since the video-sharing giant garners billions of views. But an agency that specializes in video content expands far beyond just social media videos. They can help produce and edit various types of videos like testimonials, FAQs, or webinars.

While the two go together, don’t discount audio-only forms of content. One of the most popular types of content consumers are embracing is podcasting. Research shows 42% of Americans 12 and older have listened to a podcast in the last month. The number of people who are listening to podcasts every week is increasing. It’s worth checking out agencies that specialize in podcast production and distribution.

3. Agencies Can Produce Content That Catches the Eye

Content that visually displays relevant data and messaging often resonates well with readers because it’s easily digestible and engaging. However visual content is not limited to videos. Infographics, whether in digital or print form, can greatly impact readers. Visualizing data points from research studies and surveys is especially beneficial since it makes the content more accessible to readers. Agencies that specialize in designing infographics can run the process from research to creation to distribution.

Eye-catching content should thrive on your website as well, and web design agencies can help ensure your website boasts visually captivating content that engages and retains visitors. Their expertise in crafting compelling visual elements, paired with an intuitive layout, can elevate your online presence. In turn, this can make your site a magnet for user interaction and retention.

Source: allnewbusiness.com

4. Agencies Can Craft Content for Every Stage of the Funnel

Blogs, ebooks, and white papers may not be the sexiest forms of marketing content, but when done well, they can be effective. Partnering with an agency specializing in research, writing, and editing is a great step as you target specific buyers. Short blogs focusing on a buyer’s pain points work well for leads at the top of the funnel. White papers and ebooks are better for leads who are lower in the funnel and closer to a buying decision.

A key component of long form content is the ability to tell a story. The in-depth research through interviews and reviewing studies is essential. However, agencies must also be able to mold their learnings into a compelling story that grabs the reader’s attention. As you research partners to help with this type of marketing, look at their work. Are they doing a good job telling the stories of their current clients?

5. Agencies Can Manage Effective Content On Social Media

Your business must be marketed effectively on social media. What is not always clear is which platform(s) companies should focus on to drive their messaging. Americans have an average of over seven social media accounts. How will you know where to put your marketing dollars? Bringing an agency on board that specializes in social media brings a huge boost to your efforts.

B2B brands are leaning more toward LinkedIn where key decision-makers are active. B2C companies are big into using Facebook and Instagram. Even TikTok is gaining steam with its global popularity. Strategize with an agency that specializes in social media to determine what channels make the most sense for your business. It’s better to embrace one or two platforms well than be stretched across all platforms inconsistently.

Source: searchenginejournal.com

Bring In Specialized Agencies to Boost Your Business

Great marketing teams know what they do well, plus where they have limitations. Your team might be amazing at designing infographics and creating informative YouTube videos. But you might know your social media presence is sorely lacking and you need help developing email campaigns. Specialized content marketing agencies are a huge asset to companies who don’t have the resources to do it all on their own.

It might be tempting to avoid but pay attention to your competitors. Dig into what that company that outsells you is doing with their content. How can you tap into similar methods to drive your own products and services? What are your differentiators that can be a catalyst for content creation in the future? A specialized agency can help with marketing that sets you apart.

Before you hire an outside agency, do your research. Look at your sales data and how it aligns with your marketing to see what’s working and what isn’t. Are you targeting the right audience on the right channels with the right content? Once you’ve determined your needs and listed out some goals, look at your budget. Knowing what you can afford to spend on content marketing will help you hire the right specialized marketing agency.