A new romance is blossoming as Bobby Brazier and former Strictly dancer enjoy ‘secret dates’

Strictly Come Dancing finalists Ellie Leach and Bobby Brazier have been enjoying “secret dates” together during their live tour of the BBC show.
The former soap opera stars are said to have gotten close during the UK tour this month.
Insiders have said that the new couple will go “public with their romance any week now.”

A source told The Sun how the pair have been going on secret dates during their breaks from performing and have even shared a kiss.
The source said: “Bobby and Ellie are the talk of the tour.”
“Their friendship has grown and grown, and they’ve been spending nearly all their free time together before and after performances. They’ve been having their meals together, and flirting increasingly openly.”

“The chat on tour is they may have enjoyed a cheeky snog, and will go public with their romance any week now.”
“They’re both hugely popular characters and make a really cute couple. There are also endless commercial opportunities for them as a pair because they are both hugely in demand, with the world at their young feet. Everyone is very excited about this hot new pairing,” the source concluded.
On Tuesday night, pro Strictly dancer Nikita Kuzmin posted a photo of them having dinner backstage and eagle-eyed fans noticed Bobby’s arm was draped around the back of Ellie’s chair.

During his time on the show, Bobby let slip to host Claudia Winkleman, that he was seeing someone at the time
The 20-year-old opened up about practising his dance moves, and said: “… the person I shared a bed with…”
In November, the UK Sun revealed that Bobby was secretly seeing Boadecia Evans for months.

A source told the publication at the time: “Bobby has been secretly dating Boadecia for ages. She’s been supporting him from behind the scenes but will be going to Blackpool this weekend to cheer him on.”
“She doesn’t particularly want to be in the public eye but Bobby means a lot to her and they are best friends over anything else.”
However, the “Strictly Curse” must have taken over as Bobby is now rumoured to be with fellow dancer Ellie Leach.