Abbey Clancy reveals the ‘filthy’ living conditions husband Peter Crouch lived in before he shot to fame

Abbey Clancy has opened up about the “filthy” living conditions her husband Peter Crouch, used to live in before he shot to stardom.
The pair chatted on their podcast, The Therapy Crouch, where Abbey described the “mouldy” conditions of the now retired footballer’s previous home.
The 37-year-old model informed listeners that Peter had mouldy food in his fridge and no bedding in his old home.

Chatting to guest stars of the In Sickness and In Health podcast, James and Clair Buckley, Abbey said: “I go to his house and it was literally like the inbetweeners lived there.”
“He had a loaded money box next to his bed full of naked girls with pennies in.”
Peter then chimed in: “My mother bought me that. I think she was worried about me.”
“He had no bedding, no food in the fridge. There was a jar of pesto, and when I opened it, there was like mould,” Abbey added.

She continued: “The house was filthy. He had a box to shave his pubes into. It was vile.”
Peter jokingly added: “The squat box.”
She revealed: “I had to go in and de-fung the whole flat. I had to buy bedding, I had to buy pans. He had like one mug.”
The pair tied the knot back in 2011, three months after their first child Sophia was born.
The couple are now parents to four children – daughters Sophia, 12, Liberty, 8, Johnny, 5, and Jack, 4.