Amy Dowden admits she found it ‘cruel’ watching her friends on Strictly while she was battling cancer

Amy Dowden has admitted she found it “cruel” watching her friends on Strictly while she battled cancer.
The professional dancer was previously diagnosed with breast cancer back in May 2023.
Amy revealed she feared her cancer had spread before being told by doctors that they found “no evidence of the disease.”

The 33-year-old revealed the brilliant news earlier this week.
Appearing on Tuesday’s episode of Lorraine, the Welsh native said: “I had a lot of shoulder pain so I was really worried it was in my bones but there is no trace of it.”
She explained: “I’m not cancer free, that’s not the same thing. I have to wait five years. I still need to go back once a month for an injection. I have a hormone-based cancer and that keeps it at bay.”

Amy missed the last series of Strictly while she underwent treatment but hopes to be back on the dance floor soon.
During her appearance BBC Breakfast today, Amy said: “This is the longest I’ve never danced for since May so I need to get my body back into it.”
She continued: “Obviously, my body’s been through so much with chemo so it’s building up gradually.”
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“But I have missed it so much. I used to go and support them and it was bittersweet.”
“I was supporting my best friends but I didn’t want anything more than to be on that dancefloor. It was so cruel.”
“So that’s the aim, is that they’ll have me back to be back on that dancefloor with my best friends doing what I love most later this year.”

She said: “Strictly is the dream, of course I want to go back. The Strictly family holds a special place in my heart.”
“It will be a long process to get me back on the dance floor but I’m excited.”
Amy thanked her family and friends for their support amid the “toughest year” of her life in an Instagram post last Friday.

Sharing a happy photo, she wrote: “NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE! Words I dreamed of! My biggest accomplishment yet!”
“I won’t be getting the all clear for 5 years especially with a hormone fed cancer. But it was all worth it. Words I never thought I’d hear at one point.”
She continued: “So grateful for all the care I received and continue to have.”

“To my husband, family and friends who supported me unconditionally and to you guys! Thank you! 💖🙏”
“I will still need a monthly injection for 5 years and regular check ups.”
“Chemo and this past year has certainly took its toll on my body both physically and mentally, so I’ll be taking the next few months to heal and recover.”

“I have so much to strive and live for, and so grateful for another chance at life! Something I know not all get. I certainly see life differently and my life has changed forever!” she added.
“Cancer affects too many so I will continue to do all I can to raise awareness and make sure I get as many as I can to #checkthemselves.”
“It’s time to look ahead after what’s been the toughest year, and one I certainly didn’t expect!”

“Dance floor I’m coming for you! Welsh love always, Amy x 💃🏼” she concluded.
Also on the show, the star revealed that she is officially joining the Lorraine team.