Anne-Marie secretly welcomes baby daughter with rapper husband Slowthai

Anne-Marie has secretly welcomed a baby daughter with her rapper husband Slowthai according to reports.
The pop star tied the knot with Slowthai, also known as Tyron Frampton on July 26th of 2022.
The couple had only been dating for a few months at the time and Anne-Marie was also in the middle of her Dysfunctional tour.

A source told The Sun: “Anne-Marie and Slowthai have had a baby daughter they’ve named Seven.”
“It is Anne-Marie’s lucky number and she even has 0707 tattooed on her because she sees them as her angel numbers.”
“She was born last month in and both of them are absolutely delighted. Anne-Marie has always wanted to be a mum so this is an amazing time for her.”

Anne-Marie has previously spoken about her love for the number seven and what it means to her.
She said: “When you see double numbers, your angels are supposed to be with you and seven is my favourite number. Because of where the mirror is, when I look in the mirror I see it.”
The couple not only decided to keep the birth of their daughter a secret but their wedding too.

A source told The Sun: “Anne-Marie and Slowthai got married in secret two years ago.”
“She had an eight-week break from her tour and they went to Las Vegas and got married.”
Papers from Clark County Court in Sin City showed the pair had picked up their marriage licence on July 20- six days before they wed.

Anne-Marie steps out wearing a diamond ring on wedding finger after confirming romance with Slowthai
— DTN NEWS (@DTNNEWUpdates) March 19, 2023
Anne-Marie and Slowthai have never confirmed they got married the Don’t Play singer was seen wearing a large ­diamond ring on her wedding finger last Summer.
Slowthai was also recently spotted out wearing a chunky ­silver band on his ring finger.
The controversial rapper is awaiting trial on two charges of rape which he pled not guilty to last year.
The couple wed just ten months after the police first charged the rapper.