Anton Danyluk’s mum reveals the REAL reason he always uses breath spray on Love Island

Anton Danyluk’s mum has revealed the real reason he always uses breath spray on Love Island.
The 29-year-old, who is currently appearing on the All Stars series, has baffled viewers with his strange addiction to breath spray.
And now his mother Sherie Ann has explained where the obsession came from.

During a Q&A on Instagram, she told fans: “The breath spray came from my dad, with him being Burmese and having his curries and eating garlic and chilli and all these different spices.
“Then if I went out on wee dates when I was younger I’d have my breath spray and it’s just went on to Anton.”
The Scottish reality star won praise on social media on Thursday night following the latest episode of Love Island: All Stars.
The hashtag Anton trended across social media platforms after he called out Mitchel Taylor’s behaviour towards Liberty Poole.
From ITV
The drama kicked off after Mitch confronted Anton for talking behind his back, stating that he broke “bro code.”
He said: “You are talking to Lib behind my back going against me and it’s not really bro code.”
Anton replied: “There is no bro code. There is right and wrong… I’m telling her my opinion.”
Mitch said: “Keep your nose out of my business.”

Anton then added: “If your girl comes crying to me asking for advice I will give her my advice.
“You’ve been together seven days and made her cry twice. Look at yourself, don’t look at me. Be a man, not a boy.”
Fans praised the 29-year-old for sticking up for the girls in the villa, and are now calling for him to win the entire series.