Arsenal WAG Catherine Harding reveals the downside of dating a footballer following her engagement to Jorginho

Arsenal WAG Catherine Harding has revealed the downside of dating a footballer following her Christmas engagement to Jorginho.
The 33-year-old has opened up about her relationship with the footballer in the new Prime Video series Married to the Game.
The mother-of-two admitted that her life revolves around his training schedule and that they have often had to cancel plans following Arsenal losing a match.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Catherine admitted: “I do feel like I am married to the game.”
“It changes a lot of things… your whole life revolves around the schedule of your partner but to another level because it’s not a normal schedule where you can plan. Everything has to be planned around what’s going on with them.”
“You can’t plan anything in advance unless it is in June. I am planning my wedding for next summer because J could possibly be in the Euros this year again so it will be next year, “she added.

“Even certain things like we have often had dinner planned with friends and if they lose a game, we have to cancel and I feel the worst but there’s no way you can go out with someone… after J has finished a game and they lost, there is no way I can talk to him for 24 hours. He is not in the mood.”
The Tipperary native insists she didn’t win over her fiancé by pretending to like football.
In fact, the singer confessed she has only recently learned that there are 11 players in a team and admits the rules of the game are still unknown to her.

Catherine said: “I am not crazy into football and I have never pretended that I am. I don’t know anything about it.”
“I love going to the games because it is a completely different atmosphere and it is different when you are at the game, you can feel the energy in the stadium, compared to when you are watching it at home.”
“I don’t watch football other than when he is playing. I don’t know any of the rules, I don’t know the offside rule, I don’t know anything… he tries to explain it to me. I honestly just learned there are 11 players.”