Calum Best goes on trial in Spain for alleged sexual assault at Ibiza beach club

Calum Best is being tried today in Spain over an alleged sexual assault at the O Beach Club in Ibiza.
The reality star faces a three-year prison sentence, as Spanish state prosecutors have demanded the maximum sentence.
The 42-year-old is denying all accusations and is expected to take to the stand in a bid to prove his innocence.

According to Spanish state prosecutors, the alleged sex crime happened on the evening of April 22, 2022.
The two-page indictment accuses Calum of kissing a female tourist he had just argued with over photos she had taken moments before.
The indictment alleged that Calum was “grabbing her hand and putting it on his privates, under his trousers, while he told her ‘feel this.’”
The accuser is said to have removed her hand immediately and excited the venue in a horrified state of “shock and confusion.”

The woman in question has been called to give evidence during Calum’s trial, and is expected to testify through video call.
Spanish state prosecutors also want him served with a restraining order to ensure he cannot contact or target the accuser for five years.
The prosecutors also want him banned from working with minors for eight years if he is convicted as charged.
The reality star’s fate will be decided by three professional judges rather than a jury, as these are not used for sex crime trials in Spain.

The trial is expected to start and finish today.
Calum has been an active campaigner for the Her Game Two campaign, which tackles sexism in champion women’s football.
The son of famous footballer George Best also took a volunteer chairman position in August 2021 at Dorking Wanderers.

He spoke to the BBC last year about his involvement with Dorking Wanderers FC’s women’s team and said: “I’d never even thought of being involved in football like this before. But, I thought there was an opportunity to do something positive for women’s football. And, of course, I quite liked the title.”
He also confirmed the team had been filming a BBC series titled “Squad Goals: Dorking ‘Til I Die,” but insisted that this had no impact on his decision to take the role.