Christine McGuinness reveals why she still lives with ex Paddy two years after split

Christine McGuinness has revealed why she still lives with her ex Paddy two years after their split.
The Take Me Out host and model announced their shock split in July 2022, after 11 years of marriage.
The former couple share three children – ten-year-old twins Penelope and Leo, and seven-year-old Felicity, who are all autistic.
Christine has now informed The Sun that the reason the pair are still living under the same roof, is for the sake of their three autistic children.
The 35-year-old said: “It’s the one thing that we completely agree on – the children’s needs come first,”
“We don’t want them to be affected by anything.”

She continued: “Patrick’s diary is busy, as it always is, so he very much dips in and out of the home, because he’s working away a lot.”
“The same as when I was his wife, I’m there to support the children when he goes out to work – that’s how it is.”
“When he comes back, that’s when I’ll try to put some of my work in.”
“It doesn’t affect the children, because they’re not moving anywhere.”

“They’re in one home, in their beds every night, and Mummy and Daddy come and go depending on our work schedules.”
Back in October, the model fuelled rumours of tension between her and her ex in a furious rant on social media.
Taking to her Instagram Stories, Christine launched into an angry tirade about “some absolute b******s” she had just read.

She said: “Just hold on a minute…. Wow. I just read some absolute b*******. I mean, I’m like, yeah.
“Speechless, mindblown, not shocked, but I will just sit here and keep my dignified silence.”
“What a load of s***e. Do you know this Halloween I’m going to turn up as someone who’s totally got their s*** together – nobody is going to know it’s me.”
Christine then shared a quote that read: “Feels good to have your s*** together. Personally I wouldn’t know but I bet it feels good.”

Her rant came after Paddy told fans that he would be taking a week off filming Channel 4’s Don’t Look Down as he needed to look after their three children.
He said: “Unfortunately today I’ve got to go home and I might not be back for at least a week.”
“Co-parenting… We’ve no one at all to help us with the kids.”
“With our children, they need me or Christine there or people who are in our support network.”
“I’m gutted because the guys will be 10 metres up in the air and it will feel like starting again but there’s just nothing I can do about it,” he added.