Christine McGuinness ‘rushes’ daughter to A&E

Christine McGuinness rushed her daughter to A&E after a gymnastics injury on Saturday afternoon.
The 35-year-old took her youngest child to Macclesfield hospital after the seven-year-old sustained an injury while practising gymnastics.
Christine took to her Instagram to reassure her fans that her youngest was “fine” and that it was just a “minor injury.”

On her Instagram stories, the mother-of-three wrote: “Currently spending my Saturday here though so [praying] hopefully I’ll see you at the charity match tomorrow depending on how my little lady.”
“Just a minor [fingers crossed] injury at gymnastics. She’s made of strong stuff so we’re good, just another day in the life of a mama!”

She later updated her followers and said in another post: “All home. Mummy, McDs and extra snuggles on demand.”
“NHS Macclesfield hospital were absolutely amazing and extra gentle with my girl today. Thank you.”
“To the lady in the waiting area who gave my daughter sensory toys THANK YOU,” she noted.

Christine recently sparked concern as she revealed she “wants to disappear” some days.
Posting a photo of her sitting in her car to her grid, Christine explained the stages of an “autism meltdown.”
In her post, she wrote: “‘Might delete later’ kinda post 😬 Because my autistic self likes to present perfection, this goes against what I like to share but it is part (a small part thankfully my ‘moments’ are few and far between) of me being authentically autistic me so 😮‍💨”

“The music in my car helps to block out the noise in my head 🎶 music is medicine for me.”
She explained: “And understanding the spiral really helps, I hope the visual representation helps others too. (Every person is different and may feel differently, for me this is very accurate) be kind to yourself, remember it passes, it always passes 🥰”

“P.S, I am absolutely fine, I don’t want to worry anyone. And my feeling of ‘I don’t want to live anymore’ is more often like ‘I just want to disappear for a while’ 🙃”
“I am grateful, I am blessed 🙏✨❤️”
“✨ on a lighter, brighter note.. I’ve got very exciting news to share later 🤩” she said.

Fans took to the comment section to show their support, with one writing: “Relatable. Part of our actual lived experience and that’s ok. We are enough. What a brilliant role model of self care you give to your amazing children.”
“Big hugs,” another wrote, while a third penned: “I hope you are ok. Seek help and support if you need it. X”
Christine still lives with her ex Paddy whom she shares three children with – Twins Leo and Penelope, 10 and Felicity, 7, who all have autism.