Claudia Winkleman reveals she used THIS unusual beauty hack while filming The Traitors

Claudia Winkleman has revealed she used this unusual beauty hack while filming The Traitors in the Scottish Highlands.
The 52-year-old confessed she ran out of fake tan whilst in the remote Ardoss Castle and was forced to improvise.
The presenter admitted that the only item available in the area that resembled fake tan was “gravy granules.”

Speaking on BBC1’s Would I Lie to You? she revealed: “I didn’t have my normal fake tan there because I was in the castle, so what I thought was, ‘Let’s just use something!’.”
“I don’t think I’m allowed to say a brand, but it was gravy granules.”
Claudia continued: “I’d had a spray tan, but it was episode five – round table, you’re wearing tweed, but what else do you need? Gravy granules.”

“They came from a shop – there are shops there – and it’s really good. It really works.”
Claudia has previously confessed that she used Bisto and tea bags as a tanning alternative when she was at university over 30 years ago.
However, BBC viewers were surprised to hear that the successful presenter had gone back to her cheap ways.

Claudia joked that fake tan is one of her two TV skills and added: “All I do is paint myself orange and read from an autocue.”
The nifty revelation comes after The Traitors star Mollie Pearse opened up about how Claudia comforted her following the show’s finale.
The 22-year-old missed out on her share of the £95,150 prize as she believed army engineer Harry Clarke was a faithful.

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Mollie confessed that the situation which left her in floods of tears, caused her to speak with the show’s psychologist.
The model added that Claudia stayed after hours to speak with Mollie after the explosive ending.
Speaking to The Mirror, Claudia said: “I actually love Claudia so much. I could hear her outside the door. She was like, ‘Let me in! I’m seeing her now.’”

“She came in and gave me a hug, and she’s like, ‘You smashed it’  I love her. I just felt instantly better.”
Mollie revealed how the Strictly host reminded her that the show was only a game and that despite the on-screen betrayal,  she and Harry’s friendship was real.
“I hope [the round table] doesn’t exist there all the time because it’s horrible. Like, just the vibes of the room is really dark. Even now, I can’t explain how tense it is. I still dream about it all the time,” she concluded.