Danny Cipriani’s ex claims she ‘knew their split was coming’ – after being left ‘gutted’ over snaps of him and dancer

Danny Cipriani’s ex Victoria has claimed she “knew” their split was coming.
The former rugby player, who married Victoria in April 2021, announced their break up in a social media post last month.
Victoria has since opened up about their split during a candid Q&A on Instagram.

Victoria responded to her followers concern about her weight, and said she was on the “zero appetite, zero cares plan.”
However, she went on to reassure fans saying that she is back “chowing down on 160g of protein a day, thanks for checking in.”
On her Instagram Story, she wrote: “Well if I’m keeping it real, I did spend one week on the zero appetite, zero cares plan. But by the second week, I decided to capitalise, so I’ve been training like there’s no tomorrow.”

She added: “Yoga, street dance (will share a video soon) and I’m back running, currently chowing down on 160g of protein a day, thanks for checking in.”
She also answered a question on whether she is scared to love again, and she replied: “NO! I am ready… But not just yet.”
Victoria responded to another question where she was asked for tips on how to get over someone, and she replied: “This must be the most asked question I’ve got at the moment.”

She continued: “I knew it was coming. I’m ready for it. Acceptance, let it go with love. Embrace the pain, suffer it, let it wash over you, and feel it deeply; it’s a necessary part of the process.”
“Meditate, sit with your emotions, allowing them to rise and fall, and observe their transformation and eventual release. I meditate in an acupuncture mat- I highly recommend that.”
“Listen to your thoughts, but don’t let them define your reality: you can create your next moment. How are you going to choose it to be? Use all the pain as a catalyst to move you forward, see it as a lesson, and approach your lesson with love and gratitude. It’s your opportunity for rebirth!!!”

Victoria’s post comes after she was reportedly left “gutted” by Danny sharing a string of snaps of him rehearsing with dancer Jowita.
Danny is taking part in this year’s Strictly Christmas special with Jowita, and posted several cosy behind-the-scenes photos with her last week.
At the time, a source told The Sun: “Victoria was gutted to see the pictures of Danny and Jowita. It’s only been nine days since Danny announced on Instagram they had split – which Victoria had no idea about.”
“That was distressing enough for her. But to see her husband so close to another woman is absolutely heartbreaking for her.”
Instagram @dannycipriani87
A source close to the former couple previously revealed to the Daily Mail that up until the summer, all had been well in the marriage.
The source explained: “Victoria had been increasingly unhappy over the last few months. Things got tense and then she saw some text messages on his phone and it led to some difficult rows between them and they have now split up.”
“They are both devastated at the breakdown of their marriage.”
The former rugby player moved out of their shared home in Kent, and has been staying at another address.
However, he has been spotted visiting the house over the last few weeks, the source added, presumably to see his two step-children.

Talking to his Instagram Stories in November, Danny mistakenly penned, “Victoria and I sat together this weekend and agreed to separate after 4 years of marriage,” despite their wedding date being just two years ago.
Danny continued: “Whilst we’ve had some wonderful times together, we’ve also recognised we’re on different journeys and whilst this is sad news, it’s also a new chapter for us both to pursue our own happiness.”
“I only wish the best for Victoria and her children.”
Victoria is mum to a daughter named Jade and a son named Kameron from previous relationships.

According to MailOnline, Victoria opened up about suffering a “great deal of pain” in a since-deleted statement.
The statement reportedly read: “Danny publicly announced our split without any prior notice or discussion with me. I was made aware of the situation at the same time as the public, and this has caused me a great deal of pain.”
“I apologise if my reactions and responses have seemed reactive or emotionally charged.”

“The truth is, I am still going through a difficult time, and it is challenging for me to see Danny speaking about our separation publicly while I have not yet found the strength to process it, adjust or heal.”
“I really don’t want to be caught up in the fanfare,” Victoria reportedly concluded.
“Sorry for any hurt I have caused.”