Demi Jones reveals the two islanders with ‘strongest sexual chemistry’ in Love Island: All-Stars Villa

Demi Jones has revealed which two islanders have the “strongest sexual chemistry” in Love Island: All-Stars Villa.
The 25-year-old left the villa in an unexpected double dumping with fellow islander Luis Morrison last month.
Demi has shocked fans of the show by revealing that the two islanders with the most chemistry are Kaz Kamwi and Anton Danyluk.
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Demi told Heat magazine: “Kaz and Anton have the strongest sexual chemistry, you would not believe.”
“They cannot keep their hands off each other.”
Demi shared: “But we said to Kaz, ‘What is going on, why would you not explore with Anton?’”

She explained: “She said, ‘No it is just a friendship, there is sexual chemistry, we flirt’.”
Fans shared their doubts about the revelation one viewer commented under the podcast interview on Instagram: “Anton that voted her out yesterday? Let’s be serious.”
Another said: “For giggles and purely to see Kaz win I would have been here for it but Anton voted her to leave so….”
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However, another fan commented and said they spotted the clues: “Yes we saw Kaz stroking his cheek whilst laying against him!”
In more obvious shows of affection, Kaz Kamwi and Anton Danyluk enjoyed a very passionate kiss during a game of Snog, Marry, Pie during the week.
The kiss was so sultry that Anton even exclaimed: “Oh wow!” afterwards.
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Kaz explained why she chose to snog Anton, stating: “I chose to kiss this guy, because, to be honest, I’ve kissed about five of you.”

To that comment, Anton quipped: “Does it leave you wanting more?”
Kaz joked back: “Does it leave me wanting more? We’ll see.”
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In a highly dramatic end to last night’s already intense episode, Toby Aromolaran chose to couple up with his ex-fling Georgia Steel.
Viewers of the show were not expecting this as Toby has been happily getting to know Arabella Chi and even admitted to “doing bits” with her during the week.
Georgia S has also been coupled up with Callum Jones for the past week and the pair seemed very settled in their relationship.

The trio have previously been involved in a love triangle and in an episode last week things blew up between Toby and Callum.
At the time that Georgia was happily exploring a connection with Callum, she confronted Toby about a conversation he had with him.
Georgia S asked Toby: “You said I could have had her on the outside so what’s the point?”
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Toby replied: “It was never like that.”
Georgia S said: “Callum told me it was like that.”
As tensions arose, Toby headed in Callum’s direction and said: “I don’t get it. We chat in the dressing room and you said to Georgia I could have had you on the outside…I didn’t say that though.”