Drama surrounding Strictly finale over Bobby Brazier’s ‘family feud’

There’s drama surrounding the Strictly Come Dancing finale tonight over an alleged feud within Bobby Brazier’s family.
The tension between Bobby’s dad Jeff Brazier and his maternal grandmother means she won’t be present at the competition’s finale tonight.
Bobby’s grandmother Jackiey Budden, the mother of his late mum Jade Goody, is said to have cared for him extensively during his infant years.

Jackiey looked after Jade’s sons, Bobby and Freddy, before she passed away from cervical cancer at the age of 27 in 2009.
According to reports, Bobby’s dad Jeff doesn’t want Jackiey at the finale tonight after a bitter row they shared many years ago.
In recent weeks, it has been reported that Jackiey is upset with Jeff, as he has not offered her a ticket to see any of the live shows – including the episode in which he dedicated a dance to his late mother.
Bobby and his pro partner Dianne Buswell
A source told the Daily Mail that Jeff is firm in his boundaries: “It’s non-negotiable, Jackiey isn’t going to Strictly. He thinks Jackiey is a bad influence on the boys and wants Bobby to be able to concentrate on Strictly without the worry that his outlandish nan will create a fuss while he’s live on television.”
However, a friend of Jackiey’s told the publication: “She is desperately heartbroken. While she recognises that she is not the most conventional grandmother, she loves those boys and has been there for them since the day they were born.”
Jackiey is a former drug addict and has been open about her chaotic past, and the difficulty she had raising Jade as a single mother on benefits.
Jade Goody | VIPIreland.com
Jade was a national treasure in the UK after starring on the 2002 Big Brother series, and shortly afterwards she met former professional football player Jeff.
Their relationship lasted almost two years, and gave them their two sons: Bobby in 2003 and Freddy in 2004.
Although Jeff has a tumultuous relationship with Jackiey, Bobby revealed in a video he posted to Instagram in 2021 that he had been in contact with her again and said: “I didn’t see her for ages, for way too long, but I went to see her twice recently.
“And, honestly, if there’s one woman you shouldn’t underestimate, it’s my nan. Honestly, she’s like a wizard! It’s nuts.”