Eamonn Holmes opens up about his living nightmare: ‘It was the most stressful experience outside of losing my father’

Eamonn Holmes has opened up about his tax nightmare: “It was the most stressful experience outside of losing my father.”
The presenter has had to sell his home in Northern Ireland after losing his long-running battle with the HMRC.
The former This Morning host lost two appeals against the UK equivalent to Revenue and ended up having to pay back over £250,000.

He previously spoke about the stressful situation and said that he believes it contributed to his getting shingles in 2018.
He told the Irish Sun: “It was bloody scary to see [the illness]. It looked as if someone had taken a baseball bat to my face and smashed me about a bit.”
The father-of-four has also shared the treatments he has received following the illness including physiotherapy, stretching procedures and epidural injections.

However, he fears that he may never regain his full mobility and said: “I have tried every treatment, but you go, ‘Maybe I’ll never get out of it,’ which is a harsh reality to face.”
Eamonn also revealed that he is “very bitter” about the outcome of the situation.
The 64-year-old said: “It’s something I’m very bitter about because people think you earn lots of money and therefore you have to pay. It’s like they have taken away everything I ever worked for.”

“People think it’s only the Eamonn Holmeses of this world that they’re after. But it’s not. The country is broken. Politicians lie all the time. There’s no money here. They have to steal money everywhere they can.”
Opening up about his tax problems he told The Mirror: “I was like a lamb to the slaughter – it was the most stressful, humiliating experience.
Responding to his claims, the HMRC responded and said: “We take the well-being of all taxpayers seriously and do everything we can for those who engage with us to get their tax affairs in order, including by offering affordable payment plans.”