Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu ‘to take time out’ from spotlight after Celebrity Big Brother exit

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu has dropped hints that she will “take time out” from the spotlight after her shock exit from Celebrity Big Brother over the weekend.
The 29-year-old was evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday and was met by a series of boos from the crowd.
The reality TV star also faced further scrutiny when she snapped at her mother during their appearance on Late and Live.

She was chatting to Will Best about CBB’s celebrity lodger Sharon Osbourne, 71, who left the show earlier this week.
They were talking about Sharon’s nominations for her top co-stars, where she listed Levi Roots and Nikita Kuzmin.
Sezer asked Will: “When Sharon nominated she said three names – she said two names and [the last one] was cut up. Why?”

She continued: “Why the third name did she hide it?”
Will, appearing confused, then replied: “No I think she just gave two names because she was pushed on it.”
Ekin-Su, watching the drama play out from the stage, then snapped at her mum to “leave it,” before adding: “No.”

The actress and singer re-posted a message from a pal to her Instagram Stories which read: “Our sweet girl.
“They were harsh on her and it’s soo uncomfortable.”
“She has her fault, yet noone is faultless.”
“Take time off Ekin to absorb and reflect on everything. We’re always rooting for you.”

The fact she reposted this message, has since led fans to believe she may take time out from the spotlight.
During her time on the show, the former Love Islander slated by fans for her “hysterical” crying.
Ekin-Su stormed off to bed as Marisha Wallace followed her to apologise after she nominated her in face-to-face nominations.

Following the dramatic episode, Ekin-Su’s family asked fans to stop with the horrible messages and “physical abuse threats.”
In a statement on social media, they wrote: “Last night was a really sad episode to watch. Ekin-Su has always cared and worn her heart on her sleeve and last night we saw that.”
“What made last night a thousand times harder though is seeing and listening to hateful comments, trolling, name calling and physical abuse threats.”

A message from Team Ekin-Su ❤️ pic.twitter.com/vUfLFRWQc0
— Ekin Su (@ekinsuofficial) March 15, 2024
“Nobody deserves this behaviour and to read some of what we did last night.”
“@bbuk is a reality entertainment show that is edited to entertain us as viewers. We see an hour of 24 hours each day and the show is a social experiment that has been known to heighten emotions.”
“We would like to thank those of you that have supported Ekin-Su. The love and kind words haven’t gone unnoticed!”

“Please remember, in a world where you can be anything, be kind. Love always, Team Ekin-Su x.”
In her nomination Marisha said: “I know if I get to the final I can’t beat you. I know that if you get to the final with me, you will win the public vote.”
“I know that if we go head-to-head you have a huge following, you played these games before, you know how to win, and if I want to win this, if I ever have a chance, I wouldn’t have a chance against you. I know that for sure,” she explained.

A seething Ekin-Su exclaimed: “I knew this was gonna happen, this judging me because I’ve been on a show before.”
“You’ve been close to me this whole time, so you’ve been fake with me this whole time.”