Everyone is saying the same thing about I’m A Celeb’s Tony Bellew

Fans have flocked to social media platforms such as X to comment on the professional boxer’s reaction to loosing out on a trial on Friday night’s episode – with many labelling him as a “sore loser.”
On Friday night’s show, the 40-year-old became visibly outraged after learning he had lost out on the Breakfast of Champions in a last-minute defeat by Frankie Dettori and the rival Home Team.
As hosts Ant and Dec revealed the results, Tony could be heard shouting: “That is a load of b***ocks.”

After a series of play-offs between the Home and Away Teams, it’s time for the final results!
The winners of the Breakfast Of Champions are… 🥁 #ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/LEnGeNLf4e
— I’m A Celebrity… (@imacelebrity) November 24, 2023

The MailOnline has reported that after the show came off the air, Dec had said that the star was “absolutely furious” over the results.
The 48-year-old presenter said: “He was like, ‘That’s not right. They’re doing that because they want to see a fat man starve!’”
In one challenge called Handball last night, Tony and Nick Pickard went up against Frankie and First Dates star Fred Sirieix.
During the challenge, Tony kept declaring his team was 100 points ahead already and was bound to win.

He came out smiling and exclaimed, “There’s no question that we won,” then returned to his camp and told them they would be enjoying a meal soon.
However, Frankie’s team emerged victorious, leaving the boxer visibly shocked having just told the hosts: “You think I lost to them? Are you serious?”
Viewers of the show have now taken to X to comment on the boxer’s outburst.

Honestly, there’s not many better things than a Tony Bellew meltdown, it just hits different.
— Martyn Wilson (@MartynWilson8) November 25, 2023


I don’t watch much of I’m a celeb but watching Tony Bellew have all his confidence of winning those playoffs stripped away from him as the results for the home team come in is quality TV. Feel sorry for his camp mates, bet he’s fuming😂#ImACeleb #boxing
— maxtaylor_sportstweet (@MSportstweet) November 25, 2023

Tony Bellew reacting like that when he found out he lost after him and the rest of them came in singing ‘We Are The Champions’ is incredible television. #ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/ygRJCoI1OO
— Lauren (@laurenyanooo) November 25, 2023

Tony bellew was so confident of winning that breakfast.. then reality hit… #ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/iBORkImyjq
— MIKE (@mikepriestley13) November 25, 2023

Tony Bellew did all that talking only to lose the breakfast to the home team #ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/odNwzAVcX5
— 🇵🇸 Sherman Hemsley 🇯🇲 🇧🇧 (@Weso3K) November 24, 2023

Tony Bellew there giving us the funniest moment on tv since Trish thought she was winning big brother before she got voted out 😂😂😂😂#ImACelebrity
— Garry Delaney* (@LAYLFC68) November 24, 2023

Tony Bellew after losing the task 😂 #ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/ZjtgorIUDi
— Thomas 👋 (@FIFASLAYER7) November 24, 2023