Everyone is saying the same thing about the 2024 BAFTA TV Awards

The BAFTA TV Awards were held on Sunday, May 12th.
Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan hosted the awards show live from the Royal Festival Hall.
Although Top Boy, Strictly Come Dancing and Squid Game: The Challenge all won big, it was one winner from the night that took all of the attention.
Highly acclaimed BBC police drama Happy Valley received two awards each on the night, however, fans were quick to showcase their disappointment that the show didn’t get the trifecta.
The series, saw star Sarah Lancashire bag the Leading Actress gong and was beaten by Top Boy, with many fans outraged that it was “totally robbed” of the big prize.
Fans took to X to share their thoughts on the fact that the BBC drama failed to win the Best Drama award.

The third and final series of the show came to an end with a heart-stopping final which viewers believed was worthy of a trophy on its own.
Posts included: “Happy Valley was robbed not winning Best Drama series.”
“How can that not be the winner Happy Valley!!! The best ever British TV drama series !! ”

How can that not be the winner Happy Valley !!! The best ever British TV drama series !! #happyvalley #BAFTATVAwards pic.twitter.com/ns1HDpEK9A
— Linda 💜💙 (@LindaLPhelps) May 12, 2024

Me when Top Boy won over Happy Valley… pic.twitter.com/mnuic4iyEI
— Stacey Watts (@smw_86) May 12, 2024

Happy Valley was robbed not winning best drama series #BAFTATVAwards pic.twitter.com/QGDIv6A1NR
— Emily Harris (@EmilyV_Harris) May 12, 2024

I’ve never seen (or heard of) #TopBoy so I can’t judge its quality but I can’t believe there was a TV show better than #HappyValley last year. It was a masterclass of writing and acting (& every other department) & an event across the UK. It should have swept the board. #BAFTAs pic.twitter.com/goOgx0FT0b
— Elle Brunton (@BruntonElle) May 12, 2024

Well since Happy Valley had the nation gripped for weeks I am giving it a CLAIRE which is better than a BAFTA anyway #BAFTAs @BAFTA pic.twitter.com/VHlHAP3PmU
— Claire Bowen 🦋 (@Marmitegirl) May 12, 2024

The #BAFTAs are infuriating! First they overlook the phenomenal Siobhan Finneran in the Supporting Actress category, now they overlook Happy Valley in the Best Drama category! If they overlook Sarah Lancarshire… pic.twitter.com/WAF8gKrnRl
— Wayne 🏳️‍🌈 (@wayne_dooley) May 12, 2024