Everything you need to know about season two of The Traitors

Season two of the nail-biting reality series The Traitors premieres tonight
The show will see 22 new players heading for the Scottish Highlands to compete in the ultimate game of backstabbing and deceit, with contestants split into two categories: Traitors and Faithfuls.
The Faithfuls will try to fish out the Traitors amongst them to banish them and win the prize money, while the Traitors aim to murder the Faithfuls to steal the cash.

The cash prize at the end of the series is an eye-watering £120,000, and you can follow the series on Sky in Ireland or BBC 1 in the UK.
Claudia Winkleman is returning to host the series again, and has said the “scale this year is beyond.”
In an interview with the BBC, Claudia said: “The producers are so clever as the missions are incredibly important as it is a chance for the contestants to switch off from strategising and plotting. They get fresh air, they run around, they work as a team. The scale this year is beyond.”
Referring to last year’s show, the host revealed: “I was really rooting for both. It’s a really strange thing, I stand at that round table trying to just melt into the walls and I’m backing both sides. I so want them to catch a Traitor and I also want the Traitors to get away with it.”

She continued: “In the end I respect and admire gameplay and there’s a lot of that in this series. I want both the Faithful and Traitors to win, which is confusing.”
Teasing this season’s drama, Claudia added: “It definitely gets extremely tense, it did in the first series too but there’s one round table in this episode when I came out shaking.”
Here is a look at the contestants taking part in tonight’s series:

Andrew is a 45-year-old insurance broker from Talbot Green who said: “I’d like to inspire thousands of people out there who’ve maybe had a traumatic experience or suffered with their mental health, I want to inspire people and give them hope.”

Anthony, 45, is a chess coach from Birmingham and referred to the competition as a “live game of chess.”

Ash, 45, is an event coordinator from London who said: “It’s a game and I’m playing to win.”

Aubrey, 67, is a retired shop owner from Loughborough whose tactic is to “befriend everyone” to stay in the game.

Brian, 33, is a photographer from Glasgow and said: “At night I’ll be a crazy man scribbling but during the day I’ll just take everything as it comes.”

Charlie, 34, is a mental health area manager from Bristol who said he would “struggle to be a traitor.”

Diane, 63, is a retired teacher from Lancashire who applied to the show to prove her children wrong and said she would never “do something like this.”

Evie, 29, is a veterinary nurse from Inverness who said she signed up for the show after having an “existential crisis” about turning 30.


Originating from Slough, Harry is a 22-year-old British Army engineer and said he would be “110%” happy as a Traitor.


Jasmine, 26, is a sales executive from London and said: “I’m very personable, and people tend to want to befriend me a lot, which is how you get people on side.”


Jaz, 30, is a national account manager from Manchester who said he will bring “pure energy.”

Jonny, 31, is an ex-military man from Bedfordshire who said he plans to “make it up as I go along.”


Kyra, 21, is an apprentice economist from Kent who hopes her experience playing video game Among Us will help her during the challenges.


Meg, 22, is an illustrator from Herefordshire and said: “nothing can prepare you for what they’re going to throw at you.”


Miles, 36, is a veterinary nurse living in Birmingham who said: “I’m happy to laugh at myself…and others.”


Mollie, 21, is a disability model from Bristol who said: “The more friends you have in there, the better.”


Paul, 36, is a business manager from Manchester who said: “To participate in the show fully is to be a Traitor.”


Ross, 28, is a video director from Lancashire who said: “You have to almost play the silent game.”


Sonja, 66, is a volunteer business mentor from Lancashire and said that advocating for better care for people who can’t “speak up for themselves” is a huge motivation for her to take part in the show.


Tracey, 58, is a sonographer and clairvoyant from Inverness who believes she is good at lying due to people trusting her “happy-go-lucky personality.”

Zack, 27, is a parliamentary affairs advisor from London who said he applied for the show to see if he’s as “as smart as I think I am.”