First look: Arabella confronts Georgia S over her true feelings for Toby on Love Island: All Stars

Arabella will confront Georgia S over her true feelings for Toby on tonight’s episode of Love Island: All Stars.
Following the revelations of the The PDA’s, Arabella pulls Georgia for a chat.
Arabella says: “Obviously, there are still questions I am going through in my head with Toby and I. I’m still hurt, I’m not gonna lie…it hurts when you’re obviously still saying to people you’re confused, I don’t think you are…”
From ITV
From ITV
“I asked you if there are still feelings there and you said no… you can’t reignite feelings that easily and quickly.”
Georgia S says: “I never ever knew Toby had them feelings for me at the firepit…it’s really difficult because I really like two people.”
Arabella replies: “And that’s ok to like two people but you’ve got to literally sit down and work out what you want and who you see more with…I think you need to say to yourself tomorrow I need to make a decision.”
Will Georgia S take Arabella’s advice and be able to make a final decision between Callum and Toby?
From ITV
From ITV
The PDA’s seems to have had a knock on effect among several couples in the villa, including Sophie and Josh.
Keeping his options open, Josh subtly suggests to Joanna that they should head to the terrace.
As Joanna sneakily follows him upstairs the two discuss the events of last night and where things stand between the two.
Josh says: “If I’m open, I can get to know anybody in here. I think we’re both in the same scenario really…are you a risk taker?”
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Joanna replies: “Not really but maybe I should be like that.”
Josh continues: “Opposites attract. Maybe you could start making me good? You could be my knight in shining armour…”
With the two thinking they’ve got away with their secret chat, Chris calls out Joanna’s name trying to see where she is.
Will Josh and Joanna come clean about their chat? And have the two opened the door for a new connection to blossom?
Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and Virgin Media Two.