First look: Liberty calls out Mitch over his ‘messy’ behaviour on Love Island All Stars

Messy Mitch is really living up to his nickname on Love Island: All Stars.
During tonight’s episode, viewers will get to see Liberty confront Mitch over his behaviour, after getting mixed messages from him.
Liberty says: “What has he actually done to prove to me that I am plan A? What has he done to prove to me that he’s grateful to me for picking him in the recoupling? Nothing.”
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Callum says: “I think you should put him in his place you know.”
Later, Demi reveals to Liberty that Mitch also told her she was his number one before the recoupling.
Demi says: “To be honest with you, before me and Luis kissed, he pulled me aside and said ‘you’re my number one, you’re my number one’…this was a few days ago now.”
Kaz says: “So, basically, Mitch is saying different things to different girls.”
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Liberty replies: “The thing is, I’m the wrong girl to play with because I won’t stand for that.”
It appears Liberty has had enough as she heads over across the garden to confront Mitch.
Demi looks on and says: “Oh no, oh no, oh no.”
Are things about to turn messy for Mitch?
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Elsewhere during the episode, new bombshell Arabella enters the villa.
The 32-year-old, who first appeared on the show in 2019, hosts a private party for the boys at the Hideaway terrace.
Away from the girls, Arabella is keen to know who is coupled up with who and who is keeping their options open.
Arabella turns her attention to Toby and says: “Are you a little bit shocked to see me?”
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Laughing nervously, Toby says: “You picked your time…”
Sensing the tension Callum asks: “Why is there history between you two?”
Arabella says: “Yeah…there is a bit of history. It was like a year ago and then I met my ex. It then fizzled out because I was in a relationship.”
Callum continues: “Is there any chance of you and Toby rekindling?” and she replies: “I do feel like there are definitely conversations to be had.”