Gary Barlow opens up about daughter Poppy’s death and admits he thought it would end his marriage

Gary Barlow has opened up about his Poppy’s tragic death and admitted he thought it would end his marriage.
Gary’s wife Dawn gave birth to their stillborn daughter Poppy in 2012, just days before the Take That singer had to perform at the Olympics closing ceremony.
The 43-year-old has now confessed that he has not dealt with the loss of his fourth child: “I haven’t really found peace with it yet.”

Speaking on The Imperfects podcast, Gary explained: “I don’t talk about this in great detail and I literally don’t because I’m still kind of figuring it out a little bit.”
“My wife’s emotions were completely different to mine. I’ve been angry for a long time about that, I haven’t really found peace with it yet.”
He continued: “We had a worrying statistic when it happened to us, something like 95 percent of couples split up when something like that happens to them.”

“I think it comes down to men deal with it differently than the women do. My wife does far better than I do, she’s a much stronger person than I am.”
“She’s really been amazing throughout it,” he gushed.
The couple are also parents to Daniel, 22, Emily, 19, and Daisy, 13, and also spoke on how the loss has affected them all.

“We’re one of the lucky couples because for us it’s brought us ever closer together and we do have three other children as well and that’s helped us,” he added.
“The youngest one wasn’t affected at all by it, but the older two still talk about it a lot. It’s a highly complex thing that none of us should ever have to go through.”
“I guess it’s made me stronger, I think so. I think things like that have to, don’t they? There was definitely a point where I wondered if we’d ever be back to where we were before but I think we have got there.”