Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid reveals health scare that prompted major lifestyle change

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid has revealed she had a health scare earlier this year.
The presenter rushed herself to the hospital after completely losing her voice, and shocked doctors when she told them of her daily caffeine consumption.
The 53-year-old admitted that she once drank a concerning eight cups of coffee in a day to cope with the breakfast show’s 3.45am start time.

She told Woman & Home Magazine: “Losing my voice earlier this year was a bit of a scare. Everyone gets a bit croaky from time to time, but I could not get any noise out of my vocal cords and that’s never happened before.
“I went very quickly to see a specialist, who stuck a camera down my throat, for which I needed a nurse to hold my hand because I found it quite intrusive.”
“The specialist said maybe I had a virus that I didn’t realise I had. Unless we’re properly ill, we all carry on working, don’t we?”

“I’m not doing anything to boost my immunity, and I should be. The doctor was quite surprised that I don’t drink more water and that I drink quite a lot of coffee, so I have tried to cut down a bit.”
“One morning we worked out that I had eight coffees. But I don’t drink the whole cup – I have a few sips.”
Susanna reassured readers that she has cut down her caffeine intake by switching between that and ginger tea throughout the day.

The host also spoke candidly about her experience with ageing gracefully when in the public eye, and insists she is more “confident” now that she is in her 50s than she ever was before.
Susana shocked followers earlier this month as she revealed her age on Instagram, with fans flooding the comments to share their disbelief.
She captioned the picture: “53! Ageing is a blessing – so happy to be able to celebrate my happy birthday weekend with my mum and my family around me. Feeling loved and happy – thanks all ♥️”

Fans of the presenter commented under the post in awe of her youthful appearance, one fan wrote: “Happy Birthday you ageless wonder.”
“Happy birthday Susana Reid, I’ll be 53 on the 22nd of this month. Can I say you most definitely do not look your age ♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘🔥🔥🔥”
The BAFTA-nominated journalist continued speaking about her age in her Woman and Home article, and said: “Women, especially in television, are completely embracing ageing gracefully, which means we’re not fighting it. We’re accepting it, welcoming it and enjoying it.”

“All the women on Good Morning Britain are looking better and better than we did. We’ve got a brilliant styling team, but it is also an attitude thing.”
“It’s like no one’s afraid of ageing, so you inhabit it, rather than resist it. I have literally no fear of getting older.”
“I think every day is fabulous and now I’m in my 50s, I feel I’ve built up a thick skin while also being a very – hopefully – loving, sensitive person.”