Good Morning Britain set thrown into chaos as Ed Balls kicks Susanna Reid in the head

The Good Morning Britain set has been thrown into chaos as politician Ed Balls kicked host Susanna Reid in the head.
Ed was left mortified after the hilarious incident which took place during a debate about passengers who put their feet up on plane seats.
For the discussion, the pair sat on a mock airplane seat display to act out the situation.
Ed Balls accidentally kicking Susanna Reid
In an attempt to get comfortable, Ed crossed his feet on Susanna’s headrest and ended up kicking the back of her head in the process.
The host jolted in pain and keeled over gripping her head, while Ed quickly leapt from his seat to apologise to her.
The politician appeared visibly remorseful over the accident, and Susanna later joked: “I don’t think we have ever settled a debate so quickly into the show.”
Ed Balls left mortified after the incident
Later in the show, the presenter admitted that her “eyesight went blurry for 20 minutes.”
Susanna continued joking and said that Ed had “put a heel” in her head and said: “I would really rather it were your socked feet.”
Ed added: “I thought ooomph here [gesturing the headrest]” as the host quipped: “And the ooomph landed here! [pointing to her head]”