Holly Willoughby in ‘right state’ as she ‘contemplates’ her return to Dancing On Ice

Holly Willoughby is reportedly in a “right state” as she “contemplates” her return to Dancing On Ice.
The new series is set to premiere on Sunday, January 7 – with the host of the show still to be announced.
The popular presenter began hosting the ITV show in 2006 alongside her former pal Phillip Schofield – who she also hosted This Morning with.

Now friends of the former This Morning presenter have shared their thoughts on her return.
They told the MailOnline: “As soon as Christmas went, Holly would get giddy about Dancing On Ice.”
“It was wonderful light relief for her, there was no grilling of MPs or doing reviews of the news, just the chance to have a laugh with Phil and wear the most stunning dresses while entertaining the British public. She loved it.”
ITV bosses are reportedly worried whether Holly will step away from the gig, after The Sun previously reported that Holly is “in no rush” to return to present the 2024 series of the show, after details of an alleged plot to kidnap and murder her were revealed.
‘Holly has got herself in a right state about it,’ said one friend.
“She absolutely loves ITV, she is loyal to them and they have been extremely loyal to her, but she’s just not sure if she can do it.”
“Holly doesn’t want to let anyone down. It is literally the toughest decision for her. I mean, what do you do? It starts in a few weeks, she knows that. It’s a huge quandary.”
Speaking of the alleged kidnap and murder plot, that forced the star to leave This Morning with immediate effect, a source said: “When you have that live feed in your ear and the cameras rolling, it’s pretty much impossible to think about anything else, or know anything else.”
“And with what Holly has been faced with in the past few months, that is a hard commitment to make. She’s worried, she’s terrified and it is absolutely awful for her.”

An ITV executive told the publication: “We love her. She has been through the most torrid of times and we have tried to support her the best we can though there is very little that can make this better.”
Another ITV insider said: “Holly is one of those who hasn’t forgotten where she came from, and who has helped her along the way.”
“Dancing On Ice was her first big chance. Millions tuned in to watch her.”
With Holly yet to sign her deal with the show, Stephen Mulhern, a close pal of Holly and Phillip, previously confirmed he was in the running to replace the former co-hosts.
Stephen Mulhern | From Lifted Entertainment
He told the outlet: “I used to do the spinoff show Defrosted and when I stood in for Phil when he wasn’t too well, he had Covid, I really enjoyed it and it was so lovely being back with Holly.”
“We had a great time together plus lots of the team were the same from when I did the ITV2 show,” Stephen continued.
“We are talking about it, but I promise you now that nothing is confirmed but if it happens, it will be absolutely amazing… if it doesn’t, look, it doesn’t.”
“I promise you I would tell you if we had it confirmed at this point.”