How to enjoy FIFA in the best quality

FIFA is happening, and we couldn’t have been any happier. The grant sports celebration is back, bigger and better after 4 tough years. With 64 matches happening, and this FIFA being the last world cup Messi is playing, the sentimental value of the showdown is on another level altogether.

If you reside in Italy and are looking to watch Fifa in high quality, then your best option is getting a subscription service that offers 4k streaming and live streaming services. With many options for streaming in 4k, the real issue is, is the internet in Italy going to support the extra buck you will be paying to watch your favorite football, world cup, or Fifa? 

Sadly according to a survey held, it resorted that where the average speed of the internet via mobile is 50 megabits, the user of the internet on mobile in Itlay was given an average of 34.53 megabits. Therefore to ensure that you are not caught off guard by a lousy internet speed, we have some super easy and tested tips you can apply to fix your slow-speed internet.

Take an internet speed test.

Well, the first and foremost thing to do is to know your internet speed exactly. To do so, there are many online internet tests available you can take to determine your present internet speed.

Move your router to a better location.

If your router is placed further away from your phone, a core reason for your slow speed could be the distance of signal reach. Try and replace your internet connection to a place where the signal tower can reach it better and thus provide you with better signal quality. We suggest you switch the location of your router to an elevated spot.

Your internet works on producing signals that broadcast them to your streaming device. Believe it or not, the placement and the surrounding of your router can also affect the limit of broadcasting. For example, if your router is placed near bricks, concrete, or thicker and denser material, you will lose more signals. If you have a window or an open plan, we suggest you move it closer to that.

Restart your Router

Many times, since your router is working 24/7, it can glitch, or the service quality can deteriorate with time. To fix this problem, we suggest you power cycle your router. Turn your router out, unplug it for a few minutes, and then plug it in. This reboots the internet router to provide you with better streaming quality.

Switch to a new Wifi Channel

Wifi has two channel variations. First, check if your Wifi is working on the 2,4 GHz. Then we recommend you switch to a better variation and choose 5 GHz. Both frequencies deliver numerous internet transmission channels. Sometimes internet channels overlap, which can end up killing your bandwidth. The back-and-forth traveling of data packets exhausts your bandwidth and thus effecting your internet connection speed.

However, if your Wifi doesnt offer the 5 GHS frequency, we suggest you change to a channel with fairly less overlapping. In your present frequency, select either channel 11, 6, or 1. These are justly the channels with the least overlap in comparison to others.

Switch out your router for a better high-end router

Technology is destructible too, and just like your iPhone battery health, your internet router can also age. An aging router will not be able to provide you with the seamless connectivity you need to stream FIFA in Italy.

Consider switching to a new and improved router. For starters, it will ensure an improved security outcome and will have better features for you to offer. In addition, by switching to the latest router version, you can expand your streaming device’s spectrum.

Look out for Antena Upgrades 

While some might have an internet router with built-in antennas, others dont. Have you checked your router for an upgrade in your antennas? Yes! This could be a great cost-effective fix for high-speed internet connection. If your internet provider has an antenna upgrade, we suggest you get it at once. This can improve the quality of your connection by a lot. Check with your service and replace them to experience internet speed like no other.

Now that we have given you all the tricks we had up our sleeves, the last thing to do is tell you where and how you can watch FIFA in 4k. Well, we suggest you subscribe to a service that is already offering 4k streaming. We recommend you subscribe to Kayo Sports in USA. The ESPN bundle has 4k streaming and is one of the live sports channels that will be broadcasting FIFA 2022 happening in Qatar. So enjoy the ultra-high-definition quality of streaming.