Human Resource Dissertation Writing ─ A List of Common Errors and Solutions

For students studying human resources (HR), writing an HR dissertation is a necessary task to get a degree. It becomes very challenging, especially when students have to manage their human resource dissertation alongside exams, classes, and other responsibilities. Students often make a lot of mistakes in these dissertations, which results in their failure. But don’t worry; we are here to streamline this challenging journey through our easy guide.

According to MarketsandMarkets, the worldwide market size of HR analytics is predicted to grow, looking at its increasing demands. Its value was about $1.9 billion in 2019, and they predict it will reach $3.6 billion by 2024. That’s a growth rate of 13.7% each year during this time.

We all know that crafting a dissertation on human resources demands considerable effort and skill, making it a crucial aspect of modern education. Students pursuing this degree often opt for getting human resource dissertation help from professional services instead of earning lower grades with poor writing. These services offer great support to the students and assist them secure their desired grades.

Here, we will explore a comprehensive guide about common errors and their solutions. We will also cover the basic human resource dissertation structure to help you write your work excellently.

What is Human Resources?

According to Forbes, human resources takes care of everything from hiring and welcoming new employees to providing training and overseeing their entire journey with the company until they leave.

It involves handling tasks such as managing payroll, administering benefits, improving skills, creating a positive workplace environment, boosting productivity, managing relationships between employers and employees, and dealing with employee terminations, among other responsibilities.

Human resources encompasses the individuals employed by a company and the department overseeing the entire employee journey. However, when people discuss human resources at work, they usually mean the human resources (HR) department.

Top 6 Errors and Their Solutions in Human Resource Dissertation Writing


It might be thrilling and difficult to start writing a dissertation on human resources. It is important to be aware of frequent mistakes that many students make as they embark on this academic endeavor. To make you aware of these situations and prevent these common dissertation writing mistakes, we have come up with this comprehensive guidebook.

To understand everything in detail about these common errors and their solutions, read on the following points:

1. Lack of Clear Research Objectives

Most of the students don’t even have clear human resource dissertation research questions and start writing their dissertations. This is the biggest mistake that you can make. An HR dissertation without clearly stated goals is nothing more than a pile of soil. When you are confused about your research objectives, how can a reader get your arguments?


An easy way to stay away from this mistake is to make your goals clear about your dissertation. You should write the problems that you want to discuss. If you are also working on your dissertation, stay away from ambiguity, as it causes many problems. The best way is to make a plan or an outline and work accordingly.

2. A Poor Review of the Literature

Some students think about a literature review as presenting a short story of the whole background knowledge. For this, they only skim the literature and provide a synopsis, but that’s not the right way for human resource dissertations.


What you should do during your literature survey is find out the knowledge gaps that you can try to fill. For this purpose, you have to do extensive literature research, find the relevant data, analyze it, and compile it in a file along with references. You should show that you understand the literature and work on some most important ideas and arguments in your field.

3. Wrong Methodology

A wrong research methodology can ruin your whole human resource dissertation. It also damages your dissertation’s credibility by using inaccurate techniques and strategies. Students sometimes are unaware of the basic criteria for developing a good methodology, which is why they face difficulties in approval. A poor methodology makes your readers doubt the reliability of your results.


To perfectly design this step, you should clearly state your sample strategies and data-gathering processes like how you did it all. After that, you should describe the data analysis methodologies along with your study design. Furthermore, you should provide evidence for your decisions just to support your arguments of study.

4. Neglecting Ethical Issues


It is a very common mistake that students often commit while writing their human resource dissertation. Disregarding ethical issues is also a crime in academic writing if you take someone’s data without obtaining permission from the authorities.


One possible step that students should take is to create a thorough ethical framework for their study. Write everything clearly about how you will get and manage the sensitive data while also maintaining the participant’s anonymity. For this purpose, you should get permission from the information providers to avoid any ethical concerns. You should also get their permission in written form to save yourself from upcoming troubles.

5. Inconsistency in Argumentation

Inconsistent reasoning, or the lack of logical connections between concepts, can cause you difficulty during human resource dissertation writing. The illogical and irrelevant argument often confuses the readers and lessens your work’s overall quality and reliability.


An easy solution is to maintain a logical flow throughout your dissertation writing. Also, try to make sure that nothing is unambiguous in your work that can leave a negative impression.

For this purpose, each part of your dissertation should relate to the previous and upcoming arguments to maintain a logical flow throughout. Keep in mind that these transitions are a useful tool for guiding readers through an argument and presenting your thoughts in a clear, organized way.

6. Ignoring Data Analysis Difficulties

Students mostly focus on the basic dissertation writing steps but forget to interpret their results through proper management of data analysis. We understand that data analysis is not an easy task, but you can do it well with the right statistical methods to make your results less valid.


The best thing that you can do here is to completely understand the data analysis strategies and choose the right one for your human resource dissertation writing. Students often get confused at this point, so they mostly get help from dissertation writing service providers. These professionals provide a clear explanation of everything and help you to create the best interpretation of your results.

Top 10 Human Resource Dissertation Topics 2024


As we all know, before going to start your dissertation writing, you have to go through the tough phase of topic selection. Your topic should be interesting and unique but relevant to your human resources field. For this purpose, you mostly look for help and support from the experts.

Here, we always advise students to have conversations with their supervisors. In addition to this, students can also connect themselves to the best human resource dissertation writers to get their insightful advice.

The following are some useful and unique topics to get a human resource dissertation idea:

  1. Examining career path development within HR professionals.
  2. Exploring the link between staff development, training initiatives, and the retention levels of employees in companies.
  3. Optimizing employee engagement strategies in HR departments – an analysis of management systems.
  4. Strategic human resources management and its impact on employee performance.
  5. The role of work environment in managing employees.
  6. Examining the connection between what motivates employees at work and their overall job satisfaction.
  7. Investigating the impact of employee motivation on enhancing overall productivity within an organization.
  8. Understanding how motivation operates in large and diverse organizations with a broad workforce.
  9. Understanding how minimizing risks in the workplace is linked to increased productivity and motivation among employees.
  10. Investigating the connection between protecting employees and providing training and how it contributes to strong leadership.

How Do You Write Human Resource Dissertation?


After selecting the perfect topic and getting its approval, the next step is dissertation writing. Indeed, it is a very long, time-consuming, and tough task, but you can excel in it by using the right approach and strategies. What you have to do here is to follow the basic human resource dissertation structure and write accordingly.

So, the following is the step-by-step guide to writing your HR dissertations:

Step 1 ─ Crafting a Strong Introduction

The introduction sets the base of your whole dissertation by letting the reader know about your study. Here, you should introduce your topic along with a clear thesis statement. You should also explain why you are writing this dissertation and discuss a little background of the chosen topic.

Write a strong beginning to your human resource dissertation. Indicate in detail the reason for doing the study, the importance of the subject you have selected, and the research issues you want to resolve. Give readers a road map so they can comprehend how your dissertation is organized.

Step 2 ─ Reviewing the Literature

Emphasize the importance of primary research in proving your hypothesis. Conduct a thorough literature review focusing on the past ten years. This review should support and enhance the conclusions you draw at the end of your HRM dissertation.

Review the body of research on the subject you have selected in detail. Condense the main ideas, conclusions, and research techniques from pertinent papers. This assessment of the literature provides the framework for your investigation and points out any gaps or areas that your human resource dissertation may fill. This is where the university evaluates your grasp of the subject.

Step 3 ─ Defining Research Objectives and Questions

Your dissertation’s precise goals and research topics should be clearly stated. Discuss various aspects such as benefits, compensations, diversity, and culture, along with performance management. These are crucial elements that contribute to the comprehensive understanding of your HR dissertation topic.

This guarantees that your study remains focused and meaningful and gives you and your readers clarity about human resource dissertation writing.

Step 4 ─ Designing the Methodology

This is the middle part of your dissertation, which is also very important. Here, you have to describe your research methodology in detail. It mostly covers your research plan, then your materials and methods to perform your experiments or research.

Furthermore, what you must cover includes data analysis and collecting techniques to tell the reader everything about how you did it. You should also provide evidence in favor of your research methodology. Also, cover the major goals of the study to strengthen your research approach.


Step 5 ─ Results and Discussions

The Second last part of the human resource dissertation presents the results as well as a thorough discussion about it. Some institutes combine these two things in a chapter, while others make it separate from one another. During this step, you should follow your institute’s guidelines as they want.

Moreover, to present your results, you should keep your language simple and understandable. You should discuss the findings of your research methods and share your knowledge of human resources. You should also discuss the limitations of your study if there are any.

Step 6 ─ Develop a Compelling Conclusion

Wrap up your human resource dissertation with a robust conclusion. Ensure that the reader is left without any lingering doubts about your subject matter. Demonstrate that you have successfully achieved all your goals, as evidenced by your research findings.

Describe your main conclusions and their ramifications. Examine if your study was successful in answering the original research questions overall. Explain how your work advances the human resources sector as a whole.

Step 7 ─ References and Citations

Make sure that every source is appropriately cited in your human resource dissertation. Always use the specified citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). Put a thorough list of references after your dissertation.

Step 8 ─ Proofreading and Editing

Check the clarity, coherence, and grammatical quality of your dissertation. Make sure there are no contradictions in your arguments and that they make sense. To improve your work, think about asking mentors or peers for comments.

However, many students often prefer to buy human resource dissertations online to save themselves from failure. That’s also a good option for busy students because these writing companies offer the best solutions for dissertations for Human Resource students.


Although writing a dissertation on human resources is surely tricky, you may improve the quality of your work by avoiding these typical mistakes. You should act upon the recommended solutions to make your human resource dissertations winning and impactful. Furthermore, you should also follow the above-mentioned step-by-step guide to structure your dissertation in the right manner.

Remember that paying close attention to details is essential for writing a dissertation that fulfills academic requirements and significantly contributes to human resource management subject.