I’m A Celeb 2023: Campmates receive MAJOR surprise from family and friends

The contestants of ITV’s hit show I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! received a major surprise from their family and friends.
On Friday night’s show, the remaining five contestants were treated to visits from their family and close friends.
Marvin’s wife Rochelle Humes, Nigel Farage’s daughter Isabelle, Sam Thompson’s best friend Pete Wicks, Josie Gibson’s friend Mia and Tony Bellew’s wife Rachel, sneaked into camp to greet their fellow loved ones.

This Morning presenter Josie, screamed and hugged her friend Mia, who was waiting to see her in Snake Rock and she said: “It feels like forever without my right arm to be honest with you.. it’s going to be magical.”
Mia updated Josie on son her, Reggie: “He’s seen koalas, he’d fed kangaroos. He’s collecting seashells.”
Mia joked: “You smell beautiful by the way. You smell like feet!”
Josie laughed: “I look like Robinson Crusoe!”

Elsewhere, Isabelle was waiting to see her dad Nigel.
She said: “I’m incredibly proud of my dad, I did not expect him to do this well. All of the family have been watching every single night, we’ve loved watching it. Even the arguments because that’s who he is, that’s what he’s like. But I just can’t wait to see him now.”
Isabelle got emotional and revealed that she was “happy to see” her dad.
She told her dad that Nigel’s parents, “loved seeing your bare bottom on the telly. A shock, but no, it was funny. I think the highlight was the vomit fruit pizza. Dad, it was hilarious.”
Nigel said: “That was vile.”

Sam was also reunited with his best friend and former TOWIE star, Pete Wicks.
Pete said: “As horrible as it is for me to say, I actually miss him.”
Seeing him, Sam ran and jumped into his arms.
Pete said: “I’ve missed you.”
Sam said: “You smell like Pete!”
Pete replied: “You smell like you woke up in a wheelie bin.”

Sam said: “I’ve missed him so much. I think it’s the best day of my life.”
Pete joked: “I’ve got a few things to discuss – Tony and Marvin….”
Sam said: “I can’t wait for you to meet Tony.”
Pete joked: “You haven’t got them tattooed on your arm have you!”
He added: “The cats miss you, Zara asked me to give this to you – a nose bop.”

Marvin’s wife Rochelle snuck into an empty main camp and sat in the camp leader chair.
Rochelle said to herself: “This is mad. I’m so nervous, what the hell.”
Walking in and seeing her Marvin exclaimed: “Oh my god!”
Hugging he said: “That feels so good.”
Rochelle said: “I’m so ready for you to come home.”

Rochelle added: “You really stink. Really stink.”
Rochelle said: “I weirdly feel like I’m on a blind date, I feel like I’m a fan because I’ve been watching you on telly every night.”
Marvin hugged her and said: “I’m so grateful for everything in my life. This makes you so, so, so grateful. I know it sounds cheesy but it is life-changing, it really is.”

Tony’s wife Rachael was waiting to see him and said: “I’m super excited to see him, I can’t wait. Longest we’ve been apart without contact.”
She told him: “The kids miss ya. They can’t wait to see ya.”
Rachael added: “They’re all dead proud of ya.”

Tony said: “This will stick with me more than any moment I’ve had in the jungle.”
Rachael then jokingly asked: “Just dead quick, before I forget, where’s the plug for the leccy toothbrush?”
I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues Saturday at 9.30pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.