I’m A Celeb contestant Grace Dent set for ‘awkward run in’ with Nick Pickard

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here contestant Grace Dent is set for an “awkward run in” with campmate Nick Pickard in the Australian jungle.
The former guest judge of MasterChef landed in Brisbane Airport after ITV revealed the full line-up for this year’s series last week.
The 50-year-old food critic is now set for a rather uncomfortable run in with her campmate Nick, after previously slamming his appearance on Celebrity MasterChef.
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The MailOnline has reported that Grace referred to Nick as “him who plays Tony in Hollyoaks” before adding “Masterchef has fallen”, in a newspaper review of Celebrity MasterChef in 2011.
Grace wrote in The Guardian newspaper: “I’d as much choose to watch people badly gutting, scaling and de-braining animals on TV as I would gleefully jump out of a car on to the hard shoulder. And if it’s not bloody, it’s just bloody awful.”
The actor was seen clumsily gutting a sole and splashing guts, brains and skin about, when he appeared on the BBC show 12-years-ago.
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The pair are set to star together in the new series of the popular jungle show, which airs on Sunday, November 19.
This is not the first time the critic has made comments about her fellow contestants or the ITV show itself.
A report recently revealed that Grace once branded the ITV series as “a puerile venture into starvation, televised constipation and animal cruelty, abbreviated by ads for Iceland £1 curries.”

The food critic told The Sun, that despite her criticism of the show, she has always been a fan of the jungle show.
“I mean I’ve made jokes about everything because that’s what I do,” said Grace.
“Like Big Brother, and soap, I always did that from the place of someone that really loved them, and really watched them,” she added.
Grace continued: “I think the quote you’re talking about from 2011, was about a piece about how much I love the show, [IAC] right? Because my parents loved the show.”
“Yeah. And they watched it, it was their favourite show ever.”

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Ahead of her entry into the Australian jungle, Grace said: “I’ve been stocking up on a delicious tastes because I’m wondering when I’m gonna taste them again.”
“I think it’s going to be a real challenge. For the last week I’ve been eating in the most wonderful restaurants in London, you know, five course dinners, all the wonderful foods that London offers,” she said.
“So, I think it’s maybe gonna be a bit of a shock to my system, but it’s gonna be okay. It’s okay, I eat well all the time – I could do with a change of diet,” the food critic added.