ITV’s This Morning to lose ‘daytime TV crown’ to BBC morning show

ITV’s This Morning could lose it’s “daytime TV crown” after a new BBC morning show, with the aim to dominate ratings, plans to overlap with the popular broadcast.
The ITV show has recently seen a number of scandals, most notably the sudden exits of Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.
BBC Morning Live has revealed its confirmed presenting line-up and brand new time slot – which now overlaps with ITV’s Lorraine and This Morning – in hopes to dominate the ratings.

From January 2, Helen Skelton and Michelle Ackerley will become BBC Morning Live’s permanent presents alternating alongside Gethin Jones every Monday to Wednesday.
In a move that will ­create an overlap with This Morning’s slot, Morning Live’s start time will shift from 9.15am to 9.30am and end at 10.45am.
An insider told The Sun: “The Beeb [BBC] are really exploiting This Morning’s ongoing woes and offering something that is a genuine ­alternative.”

“It isn’t just that Morning Live is starting to look more and more like This Morning — it’s also that they are making a real bid to steal a chunk of their audience.”
“The fact that they go on air first means that, if viewers stick with the show till the end of each episode, that’s likely to take a big bite out of their rival’s ratings. Beep bosses are tackling the profile of Morning Live’s presenters and maintaining their viewing figures and content in a bid for TV dominance.”
The insider continued: “Now their next big challenge is making sure it is talked about just as much as This Morning.”
“Emulating that buzz won’t be easy, but it is crucial if they are to win this fight.”