Jack Grealish and family left ‘really shaken’ after terrifying home invasion

Premier League footballer Jack Grealish had his house burgled this week while his family watched him play a match on TV downstairs.
The Man City player was robbed of up to £1 million worth of jewellery on Wednesday night while he was playing against Everton.
The 10 relatives who were in the house did not realise there were intruders until dogs started barking at noises upstairs, the family then immediately hit the panic buttons.

It is believed that Jack’s rumoured fiancée, Sasha Attwood, was in the house with his parents and siblings during the raid.
Police feared the theft may turn into a hostage situation and advised the footballer’s family to hide within the mansion until they arrived.
Police also warned neighbouring houses to lock their doors and stay inside until the intruders had been caught.
Although the police rushed to the scene and used a helicopter to search the surrounding area, the offenders were not caught and the £1million worth of jewellery was not returned.

The 28-year-old, who signed a £100m deal with Man City in 2021, purchased his Cheshire mansion for £5.6 million last year, but only recently moved in before Christmas.
A source told The Sun: “The family are really shaken. The gang took a lot of watches and jewellery.”
“They executed their raid when Manchester City were playing live on TV and all his family had gathered downstairs to cheer him on.”
The source explained: “It’s an enormous property, so it is understandable why no one heard anything at first. It was also the first time the family had visited so they were unfamiliar with the property.”

“When the dogs went mad, and they could hear people creeping about, they pressed the security panic alarm.”
A reporter for the Daily Mail’s Sports section commented on Jack’s abrupt exit from the pitch after his 3-1 victory on Wednesday, and noted that it “looked unusual.”
The England player was seen scouring the surrounding area of his property the morning after the robbery.
The mansion ,which sits on 24 acres of land, boasts seven bedrooms, a helipad, a full-sized football and cricket pitch, a tennis court and a lake.

Alongside the footballer, a van belonging to a private security firm was also spotted outside his house, as were police who could be seen knocking on the doors of neighbours for any information they might have.
A spokesperson for Cheshire Police told The Sun: “At around 9.50pm on Wednesday December 27 police were called to reports of a burglary.”
“The caller reported that a number of items had been stolen. Officers supported by police dogs and National Police Air Service were deployed and searches were conducted in the local area but there was no trace of the suspects,” they added.
“No arrests have been made at this time and enquiries are ongoing.”