James Arthur set for dramatic career change as he reveals plans to quit music

James Arthur is set for a dramatic career change as the Cars Outside singer revealed he plans to quit music.
The 35-year-old who won the 2012 series of The X Factor has sold millions of records and toured the world following his debut album release.
However, after releasing his fifth album Bitter Sweet Love yesterday, James has shared that he will pack in the singing once his sixth and final album on his record deal is complete.

“I am really interested in it.”
“I sort of chose music because it made more sense,” he added.
“I do a bit of acting in my videos and I enjoy that but it’s gotta be the right project.”

“At some point, I’d love to spend a couple of years focusing on acting and parking the music for a bit.”
James continued: “I will do that after my next album.”
“Then take a bit of a hiatus and focus on my acting because I’ve got one more album on my record deal.”

The singer also revealed that he felt a bit “disillusioned” after the release of his 2021 album but that the birth of his daughter saved him.
He said: “I had just come off tour and felt a bit disillusioned with where I was in my career.”
“I felt like I wasn’t ever going to get my flowers for what I’ve achieved in the music industry and there was part of me that felt like I’d been chasing this very self-indulgent, ego-driven goal and having a kid, it was like, ‘What am I doing?’
“I definitely grew up wanting the Brits and the Grammy nominations.”
The singer welcomed daughter Emily in 2022 and revealed how fatherhood has removed his ego and restored his love for music.
He said: “I think becoming a dad, that has genuinely made me care so much less about external opinion.

“I really just try to make something that I love and I think my music is going to get better and better because of that.”
“Having a child removes your ego,” James explained.
“It removes the minor worries and you’ve got something way more important.”

“I feel much more relaxed in general since that,” he concluded.