Jamie Laing announces the end of popular podcast

Jamie Laing has announced the end of his popular podcast, Private Parts.
The former Made In Chelsea star launched the podcast back in 2017 with his friend Francis Boulle.
But in recent years, Jamie had been hosting the podcast on his own, interviewing famous friends and celebrity guests.

Sadly after seven years in the podcast charts, the 35-year-old has decided to shelve Private Parts.
In a clip shared on social media this morning, Jamie said: “Hello friends. This is a bit of a strange episode, I suppose, because its gonna be my last episode of Private Parts.
“It’s been seven years, and it’s been incredible. This isn’t goodbye, but it’s farewell for now.
“Truly from the bottom of my heart a huge thank you to everyone who’s made this possible. Love you, goodbye.”

In a comment underneath the video, Jamie further elaborated: “For the past seven years, ‘Private Parts’ has been more than just a podcast; it has been a journey filled with laughter, insights, and unforgettable conversations.
“To our loyal listeners, your support has been the backbone of this adventure. Each episode was a labor of love, fueled by your engagement and enthusiasm. You welcomed us into your lives, shared your time, and became a part of this incredible community. For that, I am eternally grateful.”
“To our distinguished guests, your willingness to share your stories, experiences, and private parts of your lives added depth and authenticity to our show.
“You brought diverse perspectives, wisdom, and humor, enriching every conversation. Your contributions have been invaluable, and for that, I extend my heartfelt thanks.”
“This podcast has been a significant chapter in my life and the things I have learnt have been incredible – Thank you for being part of this remarkable journey,” he added. “Here’s to all the private parts we’ve shared and to the new adventures that lie ahead.”
Thankfully, Jamie has two other podcasts to keep his fans entertained.
The Candy Kittens founder hosts the popular Newlyweds podcast with his wife Sophie Habboo, which they’re taking on a live tour this year.
Jamie also hosts BBC Radio 1 podcast, 6 Degrees from Jamie and Spencer, with his longtime friend Spencer Matthews.