Katie Price makes cruel remark about Love Islander: ‘Who hasn’t she s**gged in there?’

Katie Price has made a cruel remark about one of the Love Islanders in the All-Stars villa: “Who hasn’t she s**gged in there?”
The former glamour model is a huge fan of the ITV2 series and has been giving her opinion about what happens on the show on her podcast The Katie Price Show.
The 45-year-old launched a savage attack at Georgia Harrison following her revelation that she “has history” with the latest bombshell Casey O’Gorman.
Following her ex-fling’s decision to try and pursue Molly Smith over her, Georgia broke down into floods of tears.
Crying to her fellow islanders, she asked: “What is it though? To the point where you can’t come up and say ‘Do you know what George I want to give it a go with you’”
“It’s not even another normal single girl, you’d rather pull your best mates bird. Rather than be like, you know what Georgia Harrison, you’re good enough to try and give it a go with you,” she added.
Katie and her sister Sophie got chatting about the current drama on the show and how a lot of them have “history” with one another.
The mum-of-five couldn’t help but give her hurtful opinion on Georgia.
Speaking to her sister, Katie said: “The other Georgia [H], I’m not being funny but who hasn’t she shagged in there?”
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Sophie responded: “Oh Kate! You can’t say that.”
Katie continued: “It seems like she went with, or done something, with most of them…”
“‘Oh I’ve got history’. The word history to me means you’ve got off with them or you’ve shagged them. Yes or no.”

Georgia’s other flame that entered the villa was Joshua Ritchie, who is now coupled up with Sophie Piper and “closed” from getting to know anyone else.
However, Katie may have another angle for firing an attack at Georgia H and that is that she previously fancied Anton Danyluk.
Georgia has been getting to know Anton since the beginning but has been unsure about him, as she admitted she was not attracted to him until recently.

Anton’s mother explained on the Glaswegian station Go Radio yesterday: “The last time around Anton, it was put all in the newspapers that Katie Price had a fancy for Anton and Tommy.”
“So anyway, when he went into the beach hut this time, they asked him who he sort of had a wee fancy for and he just said Katie Price.”
“I phoned her and said, ‘Hello this is Anton’s mum, I’ve got a wee Live going on here, would you come on?”

“Absolutely,” she says, “You’re boy’s fit, in fact, I’m single, Sherie Ann.”
To which Anton’s mother quipped: “Are you hun? You’ve got too much baggage for my boy!”