Katie Price opens up about traumatic past where she was ‘raped in a park’ aged 7

Katie Price has opened up about her traumatic past where she was “raped in a park” at age 7.
The reality star detailed the horrific ordeal in a candid interview on Elizabeth Day’s How To Fail podcast.
The 45-year-old also spoke about how her first boyfriend was physically abusive to her and how she was cheated on by another.

Discussing the trauma she endured during her childhood, Katie said: “I got raped in a park when I was seven, then I was nearly abducted.”
“Then I worked with a photographer, the police knocked on the door and he used to drug girls with milkshakes, but I never took it.”
“One day he said ‘I want you to be naked in a white wet shirt’ and I said ‘no’ and then ‘yeah’, so my start with men wasn’t good,” she confessed.

“My first boyfriend beat me up, the next would rip my clothes up and I would have to go ring my mum naked from a telephone box, then the next one cheated on me.”
Katie continues: “So none of them were healthy and you become insecure and needy it becomes toxic. If men hadn’t been in my life I wouldn’t be bankrupt, mentally abused etc its to do with men.”
“I don’t know if that is why I do modelling because it’s like you can see me but can’t touch me.”

The mother-of-five also added: “The rape never bothered me until I did Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, and I was embarrassed. I cried because I never thought about it but it obviously bothered me.”
“My mum had a cup of tea at the cafe and I remember the police coming and looking at my knickers, and I remember the man clear as day.”
While discussing her five-week stay at the Priory rehabilitation facility in 2020, Katie opened up about how her past abuse was “part of” her later choices in life.

She said: “What happened to me as a child was part of it to. They say that’s why I’m weak with men. I just pick t***ers, don’t I?”
On the Annie Mac’s Changes podcast, Katie admitted that male figures “have always let me down.”