Katie Price reignites 20-year-old feud with ‘Misery Spice’ Victoria Beckham

Katie Price has reignited a 20-year-old feud with “Misery Spice” Victoria Beckham.
The reality star opened up about the root cause of her bitterness towards the singer following an alleged clash in 2001.
Katie claimed that the mother-of-four and Nicola Smith sang Who Let The Dogs Out? when she entered the Manchester United players’ lounge at Old Trafford.
Credit: Chris Connor / WENN
The TV personality made the claims on her show The Katie Price Podcast this week as she reminisced on the 90s.
She recalled: “I remember them days with Victoria Beckham, yeah I do.”
“When she sang who let the dogs out to me in the Manchester United lounge!”

Before she could give any more detail, Katie’s sister Sophie, who co-hosts the podcast, interrupted: “Oh let’s not go there.”
The pair first butt heads after the Spice Girl teamed with Katie’s then-boyfriend Dane Bowers for the 2000 single Out Of Your Mind.
In her Sun on Sunday column in 2012, Katie also branded Victoria “Misery Spice” as she looked unhappy at the launch of the Spice Girls musical Viva Forever! in 2012.
The following year, the reality star once again hit out at the singer and insisted she was not the “supermum” she claimed to be.
Katie’s comments came after Victoria’s interview with Harper’s Bazaar US where she detailed a day in her life.
In her Sun column, mum-of-five Katie condemned the mother-of-four for not mentioning the staff who help her.

She wrote: “I’m sure Victoria is a brilliant mum and there is obviously a lot of love between her and her kids. But I don’t think she’s being entirely honest.”
“What you don’t see in all the shots of her being the perfect mum is the nanny who is probably pushing the buggy behind her.”
“You never see Victoria looking anything less than immaculate and there is no way you can achieve that, day in day out, without help if you’re a working mum with four kids.”

In a 2014 radio appearance, Katie revealed: “I remember years ago Pete went up to her at the Oscars and said ‘you know Kate doesn’t have a problem’ or something like that and she said ‘it is what it is’ but I don’t know what she means by that.”
“To be honest I’m an adult, that was years ago. I think she has done amazingly, she always looks good. You can’t knock her, anyone who knocks her is jealous.”