Katie Price says there is ‘nothing worse’ than young girls getting filler

Katie Price has said there is “nothing worse” than young girls getting filler.
The former glamour model claimed she did not do anything to her face until she was in her 40s.
The 45-year-old appeared on the How To Fail With Elizabeth Day podcast to share her views on young women going under the knife.

“There’s nothing worse than when these young girls now, and I will say it, in their early 20s, who are all getting fillers, all getting lips, all getting the boobs,” Katie told the host.
“I’m not a hypocrite, but I didn’t start doing my face until I was in my 40s.”
She added: “Yes, I had a boob job, but I didn’t even have fillers. I didn’t have Botox till I was like 27/28.”

Katie confessed that she did try to plump her lips but it was before the technique had been perfected so she “looked like a duck.”
The reality star also condemned the procedures as she said “all the girls look the same” due to lip and face fillers.
She said: “All the girls look the same now, and I think, ‘what are they going to look like then when they’re my age?’”

Katie who is also known as Jordan, is mother to Harvey, 21, Junior, 18, and Princess, 16, Jett 10 and Bunny, 9, said that her obsession with having plastic surgery has put her children off it.
“They’re so used to it I think I’ve put them off for life,” she admitted.
The 45-year-old also wants to educate the public on the reality of going under the knife and how serious it is.

She said: “People don’t realise when you have surgery and stuff, you only see before and after, you don’t see in between.”
She continued: “When you’ve had it, the pain and the cleaning, the stitches out and the bed rest. So, I would love to educate people about it. It’s damaging to your body.”