Laura Whitmore reveals the REAL reason her and Iain Stirling’s relationship is so strong

Laura Whitmore has revealed the real reason her and Iain Stirling’s relationship is so strong.
The former Love Island presenter opened up to Patrick Kielty on tonight’s Late Late Show which was also a Valentine’s Day Special.
After three years of dating, the couple tied the knot in November 2020 in a humanist ceremony at Dublin City Hall.
Credit: Conor McDonnell
The mother-of-one gushed about her amazing relationship with the comedian and joked that the reason they work so well is because she “doesn’t see Iain that much.”
Laura also drew comparisons from her relationship with Iain to Late Late show host Patrick Kielty’s relationship with So You Think You Can Dance presenter Cat Deeley,
Laura said: “It’s probably similar with your other half Cat, I don’t see Iain that much which works quite well in our relationship.”

The 38-year-old also mentioned that the true-crime podcast Partners In Crime which she co-hosts alongside her husband is something they both “love.”
Laura added: “Every now and again we kind of meet to talk about true crime and it’s a thing that we mutually love.”
“Iain has a background in law and my background is journalism and Iain is a stand-up comedian and every now and again he comes out with this incredible bit of knowledge of the law system in different countries when we’re watching true crime on tele or watching some film.”

Laura explained: “I love psychology and why people do what they do which is why the documentary was really important for me and when I sat down with these men who had done horrible things and was like why am I putting myself in this situation? It’s because generally, I find empathy with everyone, even people I shouldn’t.”
The former MTV presenter also shared her initial scepticism at the idea of doing a couple’s podcast.
She added: “I’m not doing a couples podcast because we’re not going to fight about who’s taking the bins out, we do that privately, not in front of everybody.”

Laura continued: “But we love true crime and once a week we kind of sit down together and I’m like how’re you, and I just realised today when I looked around and realised next week on Valentine’s Day we booked in to do the true-crime podcast.”
“But for us it’s our little time together and it’s absolutely normal and I won’t hear anything said about that.”