Lily Allen opens up about ‘traumatic’ sexual encounters

Lily Allen has opened up about her past “traumatic” sexual encounters.
The singer confessed she doesn’t know when or to whom she lost her virginity as there are two options.
However, the 38-year-old noted that both times were “pretty traumatising” as she was so young at the time.

The singer divulged the information on her podcast Miss Me? which she co-hosts alongside friend Miquita Oliver.
Lily admitted: “I actually don’t know when I lost my virginity, is that bad? It was between one of two people.”
“One was a guy who was quite a lot older than me called Fernando in Brazil. I went on holiday with my dad and my brother.”
“It’s actually pretty traumatising, as are most of my childhood stories and escapades.”
“We went on holiday to Brazil, to this weird hotel. And it was like a sort of sporty resort and there was professional footballers teaching my brother and stuff how to play football.”
“Anyway I met this guy called Fernando in the bar and we went back to his room and I stayed over. And me and Alfie were sharing a bedroom and I fell asleep in his room and I didn’t go back to my room.”

“So my dad woke up the next day, went to go and check on me and I wasn’t in the room and there was a full-on panic.”
“I woke up, left Fernando’s room and I came out and it was literally like an episode of the Brazilian The Bill, there were police everywhere.”
“And my dad was like in pieces, they’d found like a T-shirt that looked like the T-shirt that I was wearing hanging on a twig on the beach and they thought I’d drowned,” she revealed.

“So I didn’t have sex again for a while. And I certainly didn’t surrender that information, I wasn’t like ‘Oh sorry dad, I was just losing my virginity to a 21 year old called Fernando.’”
She added: “It was either that or it was above an off-license on Finchley Road with a Serbian guy from my school called Mihajlo.”
“I don’t think we even spoke the same language, it was definitely not what I would call intimate.”

Lily first opened up about the experience in Brazil on Alan Carr’s Life’s A Beach podcast last year and said she had been just 12 years old when it occurred.
According to the law, sex with a child aged 12 or under is called ‘statutory rape’. This means that children this age can never consent and so sex is always a crime.
Miquita responded to her traumising confession and said: “I don’t want to laugh, but Jesus f***ing Christ Lil! I’ve known you for a long time and I do not know either of these stories.”