Linda Robson opens up about her addiction issues which left her feeling ‘suicidal’

Linda Robson has opened up about her addiction issues which left her feeling “suicidal.”
The TV legend said she “hated herself” after struggling with her mental health since 2008.
The Loose Women star admitted that at her lowest point she “wasn’t trusted” to be left alone with her grandchildren.

Looking back at the beginning of her downward spiral, she believes it was the murder of her close family friend Ben Kinsella who was murdered when he was just 16.
Following Ben’s death, Linda’s drinking spiralled out of control and she had a breakdown which led her to feel suicidal.
In her upcoming memoir, Linda wrote that she believed she would never struggle with her mental health.

She explains in her book how the addiction crept up on her, and went from enjoying the rare glass of wine to downing a bottle of wine a night.
As well as drinking heavily, she was also struggling with insomnia and OCD.
Linda’s family became so concerned with her alcoholism that they considered getting her sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

The 65-year-old agreed to seek help and voluntarily checked into the Nightingale Hospital.
Linda admitted she “didn’t know if she would come home again” after walking through the hospital doors.
“I hated myself. I told myself I was just a burden to Mark and the kids and that I was ruining all their lives,” Linda writes in the extract of her memoir published in the Daily Mail.”

“I couldn’t even be trusted with my own grandchildren. That’s when I started to think i’d be better off dead. At least without me around they’d be able to get on with their lives and wouldn’t have to worry about who was going to be looking after me.”
“I told the Nightingale staff I wanted to kill myself and I was immediately put on suicide watch with someone sitting outside my bedroom door the whole time,” Linda continues.
Linda confessed she had thought about ways she could end her own life and even started self-harming as a way to cope.

She enrolled in Alcoholics Anonymous and worked through a 12-step recovery programme as well as attending counselling sessions.
However, Linda is now in a much better place and says that she is “doing really well”.