Lottie Moss breaks down and admits ‘life isn’t as shiny and bright as it is on social media’

Lottie Moss has broken down in tears in a new TikTok video, and admitted: “Life isn’t as shiny and bright as it is on social media.”
The younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss got candid about how she is currently struggling with “navigating her 20s” and feeling “lost.”
The 26-year-old, who currently works as an OnlyFans model, also said she is beginning to reconsider her career choice.

@lottiemossxOnline diary day 1 – i hope this finds the right side of tiktok and people can relate to this feeling of being lost.♬ original sound – Lottie

She spoke to her camera and said: “Since I got my face tattoo and started OnlyFans, I was like, ‘Is this even what I want to be doing?’
“I think I rebelled so hard away from an industry that made me sad at the time and I just rebelled so hard away from being that person because I was so miserable being that person. But then I don’t even like me now, so I’m like ‘Who the f*** am I?’”
She also explained the reason why she is being so honest, and said: “I just need to know that other people are feeling this way and that I’m not going crazy.”

The star, who started her modelling career at 16 for Teen Vogue, discussed how working as a model during her formative years made her succumb to drugs and alcohol.
Lottie also opened up about her sobriety journey and admitted that she is currently four days sober.
The 26-year-old also shared her mental health battles and opened up about her struggles with depression, anxiety and addiction.

She continued: “I think it’s important to show people that life isn’t as shiny and bright as it is on social media.”
“I have struggled so much since I was young with depression, anxiety and problems with addiction and becoming a model and being in that industry made it very difficult for me not to feel that way and just succumb to drugs and alcohol whenever I felt sad.”
“I’ve been in a habit of doing that for the rest of my life up until now. And I’ve just got to a point where now I don’t even know who I am and it’s just like navigating your 20s f****** suck,” she added.

“I think sometimes you become this person who you don’t like, know or even recognise. I think I’ve gone to that place today where I just don’t know who I am.”
“I feel like I isolated myself from so many people that do and did care and now I feel so alone. I feel like I should be grateful as I have so many good things in my life but I just don’t feel happy in myself,” the 26-year-old concluded.