Louise Thompson breaks her silence after two week hospital stint

Louise Thompson has broken her silence after spending two weeks in hospital.
The former Made In Chelsea star was admitted to hospital in January following a series of issues she has faced since giving birth to her son, Leo.
The 33-year-old gave birth to Leo on November 15, 2021, and has struggled with her mental health after she nearly died giving birth to her little boy.

Sharing a photo from her hospital bed to her Instagram, Louise explained: “Bit of an unexpected turn of events, but gotta bridge the gap somewhere, so let’s start with some good news – I’m home after two and a bit weeks spent in hospital and I’m feeling very grateful for home and for life. ”
“A quick blast recap as my brain is too tangled for full sentences, but hoping this might save some time in the long run…”
She continued: “Flew to the other side of the world (Antigua). Survived. Just. Plastered myself in makeup. Rode the wave of steroid highs – if you know, you know… these are potent drugs.”

“Used up every iota of energy I could pretending I was going to be ok . But deep down inside I knew I was really sick I wanted the best for Leo and my family and memories.”
“Holiday had been in the pipeline for yonks 2024 was ma YEAR… ⁣Had many exciting campaigns lined up and the announcement of one of the biggest and most transformative healing (and career) moments of my life: the announcement of my book, and other positive things to cling onto mentally. ⁣”
“I also thought that having clawed out of the mental health hell hole i’d been through that nothing could bring me down. Nothing would compare to that… right?” ⁣

“Mental is worse than physical. No physical worse surely. Both are agony and can leave you powerless. Difficult to have one without the other. They’re intrinsically linked.”
“Anyway, I thought I could handle anything. How shortsighted . My resilience had skyrocketed. And i’d become de-sensitised.”
“Most people would be in A&E day 1 with my symptoms, I have no qualms in saying that because I know what my symptoms were and they were not ok, I’ll spare you some of the grittier details, but I became a little ‘too used’ to my chronic condition.”
“Whilst away I fell asleep lots randomly in the car and in the middle of the day and on the beach. Couldn’t really walk or pick up Leo. Poor Ryan had to compensate.”
“Was disorientated a lot. Pushed through. Thought my body would hold up. Revelled in bed when Leo would sleep at 7pm. Survived to make it through to see another day. That’s what it felt like anyway.”

In the lenthy post, she continued: “There have been several ups and downs and some scary stuff in-between. Cos hospital IS JUST scary when you’re lying on that side of the curtain . Being put to sleep is scary. Central and arterial lines are scary. Bags and balloons and drains coming out of your body are scary. Gosh I have huge respect for medical staff.” ⁣⁣⁣⁣
“The fear creeping in… It’s only really until you’ve spent some decent time here under what feels like emergency circumstances that I would expect you to get the fear.”⁣⁣
“PTSD doesn’t help. Further worsened by the feeling that things aren’t moving in a ‘linear direction’. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY BLOOMING BODY!!! Why do I keep forgetting my questions. Why are things getting worse before they get better? The fear of the unknown is arguably the worst part of recovery. The waiting. Especially when coupled with 10/10 pain.”

“But I’m not allowing myself to slip back. ⁣⁣I am a STRONG COOKIE and I am working hard on a speedy recovery.⁣⁣⁣⁣”
“And there will be a silver lining. I promise I’m already searching for it. Already found a few nuggets.”
“A nice little reminder that health is everything. It must always come first first first. Along with my family and my son.⁣⁣⁣”
She concluded: “I want to continue with life ‘as normal’ as much as possible as much as possible as I think that staying connected and grounded and present is really good for my head.⁣⁣ And I still maintain that 2024 is going to be the best yet!”

This comes after Louise’s husband Ryan gave an update on Louise’s health and wrote: “We just got back from visiting mummy in hospital. That was the first time Leo has seen her for 13 days.”
“It was a difficult, emotional, confusing experience for him but fortunately after a few minutes Leo was cuddling up in bed with mummy singing twinkle, twinkle little star.”

“The video I took is probably the most precious thing I now own. Louise is recovering well.”
“Thank you all again so much for the messages of support.”