Louise Thompson shares what she believes ‘saved her life’ amid recent health battle

Louise Thompson has shared what she believes “saved her life” amid her recent health battle.
In early April, the reality star revealed that she had a stoma bag fitted.
The mother-of-one spent many years suffering from ulcerative colitis following a diagnosis in 2018.

She took to Instagram to share the news with her followers and she bravely said it is “not something she wanted to hide forever.”
In her most recent Instagram post on Wednesday, Louise opened up about what health means to her now.
The TV personality revealed that she is no longer “all about the abs or the butt” and insisted “skinny doesn’t mean healthy.”

As the mother-of-one discussed her bad health, she also confessed that she has maintained the same weight since she was just 12-years-old.
Sharing a clip of herself paddle boarding in Antigua, pre-surgery, she wrote: “I actually wrote this caption a few months before my surgery but it still rings true.”
“And there’s no time like the present to share… Especially when the message feels like an important one.”

“In fact, it might be even more relevant to my current situation now. Plus you never know what tomorrow might bring. Or more importantly who I might help in sharing this TODAY.”
“What I’m about to say might sound a little conflicting… I was told that one of the reasons I survived was because I was fit and in shape.”
“I realised (the hard way just like so many others) that weight is not necessarily a good indicator of health.”

“I feel like I’m in a good position to comment given that I’ve been on both sides of the coin.”
“Extremely healthy and preaching it. Being all about the ‘body’. To being extremely unhealthy and not having the capacity to care about what my body looks like or to put in the ground work to achieve a healthy or different one.”
“I guess the advantage of this shift is that I know now what’s important to me. Health is important. And I don’t JUST want to be known for being ‘a body’ anymore.”

“It’s certainly not all about the abs or the butt anyway. I want my adult life to be so much more meaningful than just ‘image’ and here’s one of the reasons why.”
“One of the things I’ve noticed over the past 22 months is that my body has changed A LOT. A lot more than usual. It has felt v out of my hands at times. I’ve felt pretty powerless.”
“I have been thinner than I’ve ever been. I have been larger than I’ve ever been. And those have not necessarily correlated with health.”

“When I was my thinnest I was my least healthy (physically anyway). When I was my largest I was my second ‘least’ healthy (certainly mentally). So being skinny doesn’t mean health. Nor does the opposite. Sitting in-between feels nice.”
“It’s been a total yoyo journey and a lot to grapple with, especially considering I’ve maintained the same weight since I was 12 before all of this medical nonsense.”
“So where does this leave me?”

“I need to feel healthy. I crave feeling healthy. Health is the most important thing. That will have to come first. A healthy body is a good body after all.”
“And now I’ve got this off my chest I want to continue the conversation and continue working on my ‘health’ because I feel like my body is now actually back to my old body. And I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way. I just mean my old body = my old normal!”
“Note: It has taken me 2 years. A FULL 2 years. You can’t rush these things. Will continue the conversation in subsequent posts.”