Louise Thompson’s fiancé Ryan Libbey shares health update as she spends two weeks in hospital

Louise Thompson’s fiancé Ryan Libbey has shared a health update as she has spent over two weeks in hospital.
The former Made In Chelsea star was admitted to hospital in January following a series of issues she has faced since giving birth to her son Leo.
The 33-year-old gave birth to her and Ryan’s son on November 15, 2021, and has struggled with her mental health after she nearly died giving birth to her little boy.
Louise and her son Leo
However, taking to Instagram on Friday evening Ryan shared a snap of the couple’s immaculately clean kitchen and wrote: “Louise is coming home.”
The personal trainer previously shared updates on Louise’s health and last week wrote: “We just got back from visiting mummy in hospital. That was the first time Leo has seen her for 13 days.”
“It was a difficult, emotional, confusing experience for him but fortunately after a few minutes Leo was cuddling up in bed with mummy singing twinkle, twinkle little star.”

“The video I took is probably the most precious thing I now own. Louise is recovering well.”
“Thank you all again so much for the messages of support.”
In November, Louise shared a candid mental health update with her 1.4 million followers on Instagram as her son’s 2nd birthday approached.

The Made in Chelsea star penned: “🎈 Tomorrow is Leo’s birthday. 2 years since everything. WOW.”
“We’re not actually throwing a party this year because we’re attending double birthdays this weekend 😅 (life of a parent) so we’ve decided to do some low key family stuff instead.”
“I still wanted to decorate the house to add a bit of colour, spice and other things nice for his birthday and to lift our spirits during these darker months. I’m quite impressed that we managed to deck out the entire ground floor for under £40 tbh. ”

“The million dollar question. How am I feeling?,” Louise said. “Happy. As you can see i’m looking really very happy here. It’s taken 2 awfully long years to get to this place, but I feel good.”
“Don’t be fooled, life isn’t always THIS good (i’m not always singing and dancing) but at least I CAN do those things now. I’m night and day better than I was last year (I saw a guy friend a few months ago who I hadn’t seen since Leo’s bday party last year and he said I was doing MUCH much better which actually took me by surprise because I thought I really had my shit together at that party… clearly guests could see straight through the pain, or maybe he was simply referring to the change in my extremely puffy face).”
“And it goes without saying i’m in a very VERY different place to where I was two years ago. Literally and metaphorically. I’m a different person. I actually feel like I AM a different person. I think my brain is capable of having different personalities. Not like Jekyll and Hyde because i’m not scary, in fact quite the opposite.”