Love Island: All Stars bombshell set to cause serious drama as she reveals secret ex is already in the villa

Arabella Chi is set to cause serious drama on Love Island: All Stars, as she’s revealed her secret ex is already in the villa.
The 32-year-old, who first appeared on the show in 2019, will enter the villa during Sunday night’s episode.
Upon her arrival, Arabella will come face-to-face with her former flame Toby, who is currently coupled up with Georgia Steel.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday before her stint on Love Island: All Stars, Arabella said: “Toby and I have a bit of history so I’m keen to explore. We hooked up in the summer. There is a little bit of unfinished business.
“Obviously it’s going to be difficult to live with an ex, but I don’t feel there is any bad blood between us.
“I look at all of the successful marriages and relationships that have come out of Love Island and it’s clear to see they are able to match people successfully.
“Look at Molly-Mae (Hague) and Tommy Fury. They are so happily in love. I’m hoping I will be the one to find that in this series and build my own little Love Island family.”

During her first stint on Love Island, Arabella quickly set her sights on model Danny Williams, but their romance didn’t last outside of the villa.
Arabella said: “Last time I channelled all my energy into Danny way too early on. I now feel like I’m going back to the villa knowing more than ever exactly what I want.
“I want to make sure I give everyone a chance and get to know them. Obviously you have to have an instant attraction to somebody but it really is the root of the person that matters the most.”
Alongside Toby, the 32-year-old is interested in Anton Danyluk, who she took on a date during her first time on Love Island.
Arabella Chi
Arabella explained: “I feel like I cut off Anton too early last time because I went straight in for Danny.
“Anton and I have so many similar interests in terms of the gym which, for me, is up there as one of the top qualities a guy needs to have in terms of leading a healthy lifestyle.
“My initial attraction is the shared interests. Is it a second chance for ‘Double A’? He is really good looking, dark hair, green eyes. I am excited to get to know him.
“In terms of the other boys, Luis (Morrison) is very easy on the eye and I’m also interested in getting to know Chris (Taylor).”
From ITV
“My parents have been together for 40 years and they’ve taught me the importance of humour in a relationship. Chris is really funny so I’m going to see if there’s a connection.”
Arabella’s appearance on Love Island: All Stars comes just weeks after she was dumped by Manchester City player Ruben Dias.
Before she started dating Ruben, Arabella enjoyed a brief romance with Leonardo DiCaprio’s millionaire pal Richie Akiva last summer.
The 32-year-old was spotted canoodling with the nightclub owner on the Hollywood star’s yacht, but it’s understood they ended their fling in September.

Hinting of her link with Leo for the first time, Arabella said: “I’ve been fortunate enough to hang out in Hollywood circles but I have still not found love. I’ve never felt more ready to settle down.
“All I’ve ever wanted is true love and that fairytale dream. I’m 32, I want to get married and have babies.
“I haven’t got lots of time left and I know more about myself now than ever. This is my last shot to find my happily ever after.”