Love Island: All- Stars fans spot signs this couple are ‘faking’ their romance

Love Island: All-Stars fans have spotted signs that this popular couple are “faking” their romance.
Anton Danyluk and Georgia Harrison have had a bumpy ride getting to where they are now, but viewers are convinced that their connection is far from real.
The pair who have been the subject of much scepticism, have only elevated this by their decision to make things exclusive on Wednesday’s episode.

Georgia originally cooled things off with Anton but after Mitch left the villa and Casey turned her down, the couple have grown close once more.
Anton even asked Georgia to make their romance exclusive whilst giving a romantic but over-the-top speech to her in front of the other islanders.
In last night’s episode, the pair headed into the Hideaway for a cosy night together, where Georgia opened up to Anton about the “tough time” she has had with men in the past.

Opening up on his speech, Anton told Georgia in the hideaway: “To be fair, I did want to do that for a few days now….I was just waiting for the right time and that just felt like the right time…I feel like I wanted to do it in front of everyone.”
Speaking about her past with men, Georgia H says: “I feel like I’ve had a really tough time, ended up with men who think I am disposable and always make me feel vulnerable, don’t make me feel safe and don’t declare how special I am to them. You doing that tonight was something I’ve never experienced before.”
On Wednesday night’s episode, fans were left “crying” at Anton’s failed attempt at a romantic picnic.

The Scotsman pulled out all the stops for their romantic date by surprising her with a board of cheese, meat, grapes and crackers.
Anton even enlisted the help of fellow islander Joe Garratt to shape the salami into a heart on the board.
However, the sweet gesture went south as Georgia hilariously reminded Anton she doesn’t eat meat.

Georgia who was moved by the gesture but was confused by the meat platter, asked: “Is the meat for you?”
Anton answered: “No, we can have that to share,” leading Georgia to confess: “Babe, I never eat meat.”
An embarrassed Anton quickly replied: “Oh yeah, s**t!”
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Viewers at home couldn’t help but cringe at the blunder and wonder how Anton didn’t know Georgia was a vegetarian.
One viewer took to X and wrote: “lmaoooo anton bringing meat to the picnic when georgia dosent eat meat it’s the thought that counts i guess.”
Mitch Taylor has also given his two cents on the couple since he was dumped from the island earlier in the series.
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Speaking on the Under The Duvet podcast, Mitch said: “Georgia Harrison and Anton aren’t real, me and Georgia were getting to know each other.”
“Georgia was like ‘I have got no sexual chemistry with him. He give me the ick. I have sexual chemistry with you, Mitch.”
“Two days later I get dumped and then, them two are magically back together.”
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Mitch explained: “I think there’s always got to be initial attraction there, and there just wasn’t for them.”
“Georgia got the ick off Anton because Anton kissed her elbow or something which I don’t understand.”