Love Island’s Eve Gale breaks her silence on her romance with Demi Sims

Eve Gale has broken her silence on her romance with Demi Sims.
The Love Island star has opened up about her budding relationship with the TOWIE favourite.
The 24-year-old confirmed at the beginning of this month that she was dating Demi, and has now admitted that she “loves” her.

She confessed to The Sun: “I love Demi, she’s a really great girl. Because of the dates, a lot of people think we’re in a really serious relationship.”
“But it’s very chilled and I really like being in her company.”
“We’re just seeing where it goes to be honest,” she admitted.

The influencer continued: “I haven’t been on a date with her since. I’ve seen her a couple times out and about with everyone else.”
“We’re both really busy, I’ve been away and she’s always away. I think she’s in Spain at the moment.”
“I’ve seen her a couple times in a group setting, she really likes Jess and I get along with her sister [Frankie] and she likes all of my friends, so it’s nice that we can go out all together.”
“Maybe, we go to Ibiza next week, so I’ll see her then and that will be fun,” teasing more dates between the pair.

The pair first opened up about their romance during an episode of Demi’s new podcast, Sims Squared, with her sister Frankie at the beginning of April.
Demi confessed: “Me and Eve went on a date last week for anyone watching and it was our first date, wasn’t it?”
Eve said: “We kind of had other dates, but it’s not been a date date. That was like our first date. I had the best time.”
The pair then admitted that they had previously enjoyed a flirty friendship after meeting three years ago at a Boohoo event, and said: “We have been speaking for like three years.”

Demi spoke about their first date, and admitted: “I was nervous [the date] was going to get awkward, you know because usually we’ve always got people around?”
“I was thinking, ‘Is there going to be any awkward silences?’, then when I picked you up, you were chewing my ear off. I actually didn’t get a word in.”
She continued: “And then we got there, had a drink, had so much food…and yeah, it was quite a short date to be fair.”
“It was quite a private date, though, because we were in Amazonico and we were in this booth and everyone was behind us.”

Demi added: “People assume we’re besties, don’t they?”
Then, Eve admitted that she only has eyes for her, and said: “I said this to Demi, I never would actually go on a date with another girl.”
Eve appeared on Love Island: All Stars earlier this year alongside her twin sister Jess – where she struck up a brief romance with Casey O’Gorman.