Love Island’s Georgia Harrison opens up about the loss of her best friend to leukaemia

Former Love Island star Georgia Harrison has opened up about the loss of her childhood best friend to leukaemia.
The Love Island star’s school friend Cenk Fahri was first diagnosed with leukaemia when he was 17, and sadly he died from the condition back on December 21.
Speaking in support of Leukaemia UK’s Christmas Appeal, the 29-year-old has spoken out about “the worst Christmas” of her life.

Georgia told the charity: “You’d think after all that time of him being ill, it wouldn’t have come as a shock – where he’d had so many treatments and overcome it so many times, I wasn’t ready to accept that he was going to leave.”
“I just remember being absolutely so traumatised.”
“Even when he was given 6 months to live, he still convinced us all that he was gonna be fine. I remember my best friend’s Mum called to tell me the news, and she said ‘Cenk’s gone’, I said – ‘gone where? Gone to the shop? What do you mean, gone?’ And she said, ‘no, he’s gone, he’s passed away’.”

“I was absolutely traumatised. I think because he’d had so much treatment, and because he’d been so ill before but always gotten over it, I just wasn’t ready to accept that he would actually die.”
She continued: “Cenk was diagnosed when I was 17. I remember being in my Dad’s house in Marbella, and when he rang to tell me the news, I was just devastated.”
“I couldn’t stop crying. At age 17, you don’t expect to be told that your best friend has cancer.”
At the time of his death, Georgia took to her Instagram to pay tribute to her late friend.

She wrote alongside a series of snap’s of the pair: “I honestly lost a part of me today and I just hope I get the feeling that you are still here soon because I miss u so much. I’ve cried so much my phone has water damage and won’t charge so if u can’t get through to me that’s why but I will be there…”
“The most beautiful soul words won’t ever be able to explain you my boy. We always promised we would have a kid together if we hadn’t had one by 30 … now I’m f***ed 😂”
“I love you so much my baby I’m cuddling you in my head like we used too when we were 18 and u were in the hospital and the nurses would tell us off for being loud in the night and I would share your hospital bed even though I had one myself.”
“Please be dancing wherever you are 😭😭😭 I’ll always remember us dancing I could always be fully me around you 😢”