Love Island’s Georgia Harrison rushes to friend’s bedside after he suffers rare stroke

Georgia Harrison has rushed to her friend Louie Mills’ bedside, after he suffered a stroke.
The Love Island star was devastated when she found out that her friend had been paralysed after having a rare spinal stroke.
Now, the 29-year-old has taken to social media to share an urgent appeal for donations to help cover the costs of the TikTok star’s rehabilitation.

In the video, Georgia pointed out that Louie isn’t looking like himself while in his hospital bed, as she emphasised how unusual his condition is.
“He’s quite frankly not in a good place right now. Let me just tell you, Louis is one of the best friends ever,” she told her fans.
“He’s shown up for me in everything. He’s one of the funniest, best boys I know and quite frankly we can’t have him like this for much longer.”
“He needs to get back on track. The best way we can do that is we’ve set up a GoFundMe,” the reality star added appealing for donations.

She continued: “He’s gonna need aftercare, he’s gonna need modifications made to his home, when we do eventually get him home, and it’s just one of those times where everyone across TikTok and everywhere just needs to come together to help this guy raise some money and help get Louis better.”
The link for the GoFundMe is in Georgia’s bio on Instagram – with donations currently at £2,300, which the goal being £10,000.
In a video posted on TikTok last week, when she found out about what happened to her friend, the reality star said, “I actually feel extremely extremely emotional” before she started sobbing in front of the camera.

@Louiemills sending you all of my love and healing, youve got so much support lou and thats not going to change xxxxx
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She said: “So I was just looking through my TikTok comments and someone commented saying have you seen what has happened to Louie Mills.”
“Of those of you that don’t know Louie, he is hilarious, he is just an absolute ball of energy and he is such a lovely boy. One of my first ever TikToks I done was using his voice-over.”
“I just absolutely loved his energy. And then we’ve always stayed in touch and since then he’s come and supported loads of my events.”
“He is just such an infectious person to be around. He is really really great energy. So I’ve looked on his TikTok and he had has a stroke,” she explained.

She continued, reflecting on the uncertainty of life: “So just don’t be ungrateful for the smallest things in life and it shows that something like this could happen to anyone.”
“From what I have seen he is going to have the opportunity to rehabilitate himself. It is just going to be a journey getting to that point.”
“He is just brilliant and I’ve gutted to see him in such a vulnerable state,” she added.